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322 one million




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New York
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Travel guide to the USA

USA – the land of the big adventures, the big cities, the big plates, the big cars, the big distances and the big national parks. We have been traveling for almost 6 months in North America and spent much of the time in the western US, Hawaii and the eastern US. 


California is an easy state to travel around by car. Here you will find beautiful San Francisco, the beautiful Highway 1 and many of the most popular national parks Yosemite, Joshua Tree and Sequioa. If you want to experience a really big and sprawling city, you go to Los Angeles. The only city in the world that I rebooked the flight and went home earlier from…  

In the northwest corner of the United States lies washington state, the state with the many snow-capped volcanoes, killer whales and the mighty Olympic National Park. 

Nevada is best known for the wild and glittering gambling city of Las Vegas, but around the city there are exciting deserts and ghost towns.

Arizona draws tourists to the magical views of the Grand Canyon, but here you will also find scenic Sedona and the national park with the world's largest cacti - Saguaros. 

Yosemite National Park


New Mexico offers unique gypsum desert at White Sands, UFOs in Roswell and one of the world's most delicious caves – Carlsbad Caverns.

Colorado is the state of skiers and here in the mountains there are plenty of outdoor activities both in winter and summer. Here you will also find the fascinating cliff dwellings Mesa Verde.

Utah is the number one outdoor state, with a wealth of unique desert parks – Bryce, Canyonlands and Arches are the most famous, but there are a handful more to choose from. On the border between Utah and Arizona lies the legendary Monument Valley, known, among other things, from cowboy movies.

Wyoming is the state with the big open cornfields, but Yellowstone is also here - one of the world's most active areas for geysers. And if you tire of stopping your car for wild buffalo, the snow-capped mountains of the Grand Teton offer relatively desolate wilderness.

Florida is not just for blue-haired American retirees, although it is a completely different world to the American Southwest. Here, life is a little simpler and a little more well-populated, but the beaches still beckon!

Hawaii is the Mallis of the Americans, with all that implies. Many hotels, many restaurants and lots of activities. But also a lot of tourists. But Maui still has a lot of charm left.

Things to see and do

  • Walk in Central Park in New York 
  • Admire waterfalls in Yosemite, California
  • Sweating in the white gypsum desert of New Mexico
  • Look for manatees and alligators in Florida
  • Watch the sunset over the Grand Canyon
  • Driving along Highway 1 in California
  • Learn to ride western style on a ranch in Arizona
  • Wait for a geyser eruption in Yellowstone
  • Hug the world's largest tree in California
  • Hike among the hoodoos in Bryce, Utah
  • Visit the ghost town of Bodie in California
  • Go on a killer whale safari outside of Seattle
  • Hike on a snow-covered volcano in Washington state
Bryce Canyon - Utah - USA
Bryce Canyon

Travel tips

  1. Tip - In the US, tips will be a large part of your expenses. Expect to add between 15-25% extra to all restaurant bills. You need in addition tip the taxi driver, hotel staff and guide and…
  2. Communications - The USA is a large country and flying is the most common form of transport between East and West. Sure, there are trains and buses. But then you have to count on several days of travel time.
  3. Distance - When you go on a driving holiday in the USA, you should expect that the distances are large. Make sure that you always have a well-filled car and that you have plenty of drinking water with you. Don't try to see everything in one vacation!
  4. Taxes - As the US has different taxes depending on where you live, the price tags including tax are not shown. Sales tax is added at checkout of between 0-13%.
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Facts about the USA


322 one million




Denali (6190m)


New York (8,8 million)