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Checklist before the trip - everything you need to do

Checklist before the trip - everything you need to do

  • The collection page with all my best tips that will help you before the trip, during the trip and when you book your trip.

I've written several posts about things that might be good to think about before/during the trip, when to rent a car or how to pack best. However, it is not entirely easy to find all these tips again, so here comes a collection page with links! The ultimate checklist with "everything you need to think about before the trip" that is!

Book the trip

→ 10 tips for booking cheaper trips

→ Are you flying with a safe airline?

10 tips for how to find the right hotel

To do at home before you go

→ Things you don't want to forget to fix at home before you go on holiday

Packing lists and packing tips

→ Packing list for holidays with children

→ Packing list for a weekend trip with hand luggage only

→ Travel pharmacy - what do you need to take with you?

→ 9 tech gadgets we don't want to be without on the trip


→ Plan a road trip - how do you do it?

→ 10 tips for the perfect road trip in the USA

→ Driving in Germany - 10 tips for your road trip

→ Driving a car in Australia - How to do it?

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Car in Italy - Tuscany

→ Driving a car in Italy - How to do it?

The flight

→ Long-haul flights with children - tips and tricks

→ Can you avoid jet lag?

During the trip

→ This is what you do if you get sick abroad

→ How to haggle like a pro

→ Ten mistakes even a smart traveler can make

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