5 exciting destinations for adventurous families

Going on a family adventure brings great memories and bonds the family together in a way that no other trip can. We have a few favorite places that are perfect for children of the discovery age.

1. Queensland, Australia

Snorkel on the great barrier reef, ride a boat among large saltwater crocodiles, sneak up on shy platypuses or watch jumping humpback whales. Eat breakfast among curious cockatoos and wander among wallabies and green tree snakes. Or find a big furry spider in the shower in the morning in your rainforest house. Northern Australia is fantastic for family adventure.


2. Singapore

Best big city for family adventure! Universal Studios, 4 zoos, water park, wildlife sanctuaries with monkeys, hanging gardens. Singapore has everything for cement adventure.



Adventure vacations for families who like water can be found in Hawaii. Maui has everything from hiking Haleakala Volcano to surfing and swimming on beaches of every possible color. Spot whales or snorkel among sharks.

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4. New Mexico / Arizona

The national parks of New Mexico and Arizona invite you to awesome experiences in everything from the fantastic world of Carlsbad Cavern deep underground, to sledding on the limestone sand dunes of White Sands and ranch life with horseback riding and cow herding. Everything is here for an active holiday in the heat of the desert.


5. Italian Alps

Around Bolzano are some of the most beautiful mountains in the Alps, the Dolomites. Here you hike to different peaks every day with the help of a well-developed network of cable cars. Choose the hiking trail according to the age of your children and you will have wonderful days with lots of coziness and sun in the small alpine huts along the way. Maybe it even slips a monkey strudel on top.



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