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Whale watching

Fraser Island - the world's largest sand island - Queensland - Australia

Fraser Island in Queensland is a national park, a world heritage site and the world's largest sand island. Although the island consists of sand, there are also rainforests, freshwater lakes and a rich wildlife including dingos.

Waiting for the blue whale - Whale watching in Madeira - Portugal

I've never seen a blue whale. They have stayed hidden every single time I have been out on the high seas. Maybe we would be lucky enough to see the giant of the sea on whale watching in Madeira?

16 day road trip in Washington - USA

Fancy an adventurous road trip with snow-capped volcanoes, killer whales, misty beaches, caves, rainforests and waterfalls? Here comes a proposal for a 16-day (and 300-mile) long road trip in Washington state, starting and stopping in Seattle.

New Zealand - South Island's 10 coolest sights and nature

New Zealand's South Island is a perfect mix of the world's most beautiful nature and sights gathered on a single small island. Here are my top ten nature experiences from our road trip around the island - both on land and at sea.

Québec - 12 day road trip itineraries

A road trip in Québec offers not only magnificent nature and history, but also the occasional culture clash. Welcome to a 12-day road trip in a state that sometimes feels more French than France itself.

Orcas at the San Juan Islands - Washington - USA

Outside of Anacortes, in the straits between the US and Canada, you can meet the queens of the sea - the endangered killer whales.

Whale watching in Kaikoura - Travel diary New Zealand day 10

Diary from our trip around New Zealand - Day 10

World's Best Whale Watching - My Top 4 Spots

Where is the world's best whale watching? Here are my top 4 places around the world.