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11 attractions in Krakow - Poland

Are you planning a trip to Krakow? Here you will find my favorites for attractions that you have time for during a weekend!

Restaurants in Krakow - My 5 Favorites - Poland

Krakow's restaurants are not only affordable, but really good! We've eaten our way around the city and found five favourites!

Stradonia Serviced Apartments – Nice apartment hotel in Krakow – Poland

We stayed at the really nice Stradonia Serviced Apartments when we were in Krakow last week. So what happened to the family rating? (And why have we filed a complaint with

Cafes in Krakow - My 5 Favorites - Poland

In Krakow there are cafes on almost every street corner. So what does a coffee-mad family do on holiday in Krakow? Getting coffee through the city, of course!

Back home from Krakow – Reflections from my first visit to Poland!

Just returned from my first visit to Poland! What were my impressions? And what did the family think?