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Car in the USA

Driving in the USA - 10 tips for a great road trip

The vastness, the food, the nature and the music - the big country in the west is really big! Here are our top 10 tips for a perfect road trip in the USA!

Driving in Utah & Arizona - Day plans for an 18-day road trip

Thinking of a road trip through the national parks of Utah and Arizona? Join us on an 18-day road trip to some of America's absolute highlights!

16 day road trip in Washington - USA

Fancy an adventurous road trip with snow-capped volcanoes, killer whales, misty beaches, caves, rainforests and waterfalls? Here comes a proposal for a 16-day (and 300-mile) long road trip in Washington state, starting and stopping in Seattle.

Olympic National Park - Among misty beaches and alpine meadows - Washington - USA

In the Olympic National Park in Washington state in the northwestern United States, three completely different nature experiences come together in one and the same national park.

Mendocino - California's coziest town - USA

Mendocino offers New England charm amid California's wine regions and rugged cliffs.

Mount Rainier National Park - Glaciers and summer snow - Washington - USA

Mount Rainier offers beautiful snow-covered summer hikes - on one of the world's most dangerous volcanoes.

7 US National Parks for Family Adventures

Become a Junior Ranger, go sledding on sand dunes or go down into one of the world's coolest caves. Here are 7 tips on national parks in the United States that even children appreciate.

Florida - Travel Guide to America's Sunshine State

Florida is a perfect destination for anyone who wants an active vacation. We rented a car and glided around Florida to see what "the sunshine state" had to offer.