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Hong Kong


7,2 million (2014)


Hong Kong Dollar (HKD)

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UTC + 8

Hong Kong is a wonderful concoction of narrow little streets, neon signs, people, colorful temples and a skyline that would make Manhattan itself jealous. The old English colony is today a bustling city where something is always happening. Here you will find world-class restaurants and shopping in all price ranges.

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10 things you shouldn't miss

  1. See the Hong Kong skyline from Victoria Peak
  2. Visit Man Mo Temple
  3. Enjoy the birdsong at the Yuen Po Bird Garden
  4. Ride the Star Ferry between Kowloon and Hong Kong Island
  5. Eat the most amazing dim sums
  6. Play your way through Disneyland
  7. Visit the Giant Buddha at Lantau
  8. Shop at Temple street night market
  9. View bonsai trees in Nan Lian Gardens
  10. Watch the Symphony of Lights light show