Rucksacks travel guide


Volcanic lake in Crater Lakes National Park - Queensland - Australia

A giant volcanic explosion created what are today the lakes of Crater Lakes National Park in Queensland. We went here to hike and (hopefully) see the occasional Australian bush hen.

Adventure around the North Cascades and Mount Baker - Washington - USA

An alpine landscape with deep forests hides just a few hours from Seattle. We visited Mount Baker and North Cascades National Park and found glaciers, waterfalls and lots of snow…

16 day road trip in Washington - USA

Fancy an adventurous road trip with snow-capped volcanoes, killer whales, misty beaches, caves, rainforests and waterfalls? Here comes a proposal for a 16-day (and 300-mile) long road trip in Washington state, starting and stopping in Seattle.

Hiking in the trail of the eruption on Mount St Helens - Washington - USA

Still, almost 40 years after the eruption, you see traces of the disaster. America's deadliest volcanic eruption affected not only the United States, but the entire world. We have walked in the footsteps of the volcanic eruption on Mount St Helens.

Sunrise on Haleakalā Volcano - Maui - Hawaii - USA

The sunrise from the top of the Haleakalā volcano is one of Maui's highlights.

Mount Rainier National Park - Glaciers and summer snow - Washington - USA

Mount Rainier offers beautiful snow-covered summer hikes - on one of the world's most dangerous volcanoes.