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The peaceful kingdom of Jordan offers more history and culture than you can digest in one trip. From the magnificent rock architecture of Petra to the salty waters of the Dead Sea, from biblical history to impressive Roman cities. In Jordan, you will encounter a great variety of civilizations and cultures - both in today's Amman and in the magnificent historical sites you meet along the way. Jordan is not just a destination, it is a welcoming historical melting pot that everyone should experience at some point!

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9 things you shouldn't miss

  1. Overnight in the desert of Wadi Rum
  2. Visit the great Roman city of Jerash
  3. Marvel at Petra's architecture and cave tombs
  4. Eat lots of Jordanian small dishes – meze
  5. Float like a cork in the Dead Sea
  6. Visit the cradle of history at the Citadel in Amman
  7. Experience biblical history at Jesus' baptism site
  8. Snorkel among coral reefs in the Red Sea
  9. Visit a market in Amman
  10. Admire Moses' view from Mount Nebo


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