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Home again from a weekend in Tallinn! - Estonia

Home again after a lovely weekend in Tallinn. Time to sum up the highs and lows of the trip!

Packing list for a weekend trip with hand luggage only

The penultimate step in booking your plane tickets is often the question of how many checked bags you want. But do you really need a checked bag? Here comes the minimal packing list for the weekend traveler! 

Is it worth going away on a weekend trip?

The holidays are coming to an end and so is the energy...

Sights in Prague - My 10 Favorites - Czech Republic

What to do in Prague during a weekend? Here are my 10 best tips on sights, activities and neighborhoods!

5 most beautiful cities for a weekend trip during autumn

Autumn is a perfect time to go on a weekend trip. Here are tips on five wonderful destinations with short travel time and lots of coziness.