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Portugal stole my heart from the first second. One of the last countries in Europe we had left to visit, turned out to be so much better than we ever imagined. The people, the nature and the price level.

Portugal is located in the southwest corner of Europe, on the fresh winds of the Atlantic coast. In the south, you'll find the popular Algarve, with its dramatic beaches and alluring (but chilly) waves. In the center of Portugal is the country's capital, Lisbon, where the trams squeak in the small streets among the many beautiful houses with hand-painted tiles. In the north meanders Douro Valley down to the country's second largest city Porto, a region with many vineyards and exciting architecture. But Portugal is not only the mainland, but the country also consists of the two island groups Madeira and The azores which offers a temperate climate and verdant slopes all year round.

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10 things you shouldn't miss

1. Visit vineyards in the Douro Valley
2. Bathe from wild cliffs in the Algarve
3. Play princess in fairytale castles in Sintra
4. Surf the big wave in Nazaré
5. Eat at least one Pastel de Nata every day
6. Hike along levadas in Madeira
7. Try the national dish bacalao (dried cod)
8. Stay at a historic pousada
9. Admire beautiful tiles in Porto
10. Stroll in the striped town of Costa Nova

Five travel tips


Rent a car

The distances in Portugal are short and the roads are relatively good. We went on a road trip from Lisbon and north towards Porto and back, a trip I really recommend!


Pre-book restaurants

It was incredibly easy to find great restaurants with deals all over northern Portugal with theFork. Saves time and money to book in advance!


Cold Atlantic winds

On the Atlantic coast, it is not at all unusual for the temperature to be 18 degrees in the mornings in August. If you go inland, the temperature can be 40 degrees.



We had read that you are sometimes expected to leave a tip, but we never even got the chance to do so!


Tap water

Drinkable and usually quite tasty!

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