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Ever since I was in Italy for the first time more than 20 years ago, Italy has been a country that I return to. The food, the balmy winds, the crazy drivers and all the world heritage. My last trip was a road trip in northern Italy, to classics such as, among other things Florence, Venice, Lake Garda, Pisa and Cinque Terre.

Whether it's to hike in the mountains or soak up culture and history in one of the medieval towns. Italy is the holiday country numero uno. Then of course we have the food with a capital M. It's probably not possible to go to Italy without gaining three kilos from all the pasta, pizza and gelato. But that's pretty much the goal of a vacation, isn't it? To fully enjoy and have a wonderful holiday with all the senses?

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Five travel tips


Road trips

Just roll up your sleeves and bring out your elbows! Italians drive fast and furiously. Rent a small car otherwise you can forget about finding a parking space. A warning: If you break a traffic rule, you may receive a fine in your mailbox in Sweden several years later.



In Italy there are several different types of restaurants.
Osteria = A small (and often cheap) restaurant with home cooking where the locals eat.
tavern = Often family-owned and on a side street, otherwise as a smaller ristorante.
wine shop = Wine bar with smaller dishes


Tap water

Drinkable throughout Italy (unless otherwise stated)


Money and cash

In the vast majority of restaurants and shops, cards are accepted, but expect that you will need cash to buy a coffee or an ice cream.



The vast majority of shops are at least open from 10 in the morning to 19 in the evening. Holidays are usually no exception, but during Chinese New Year some shops close for a few days.

Popular cities and areas

10 attractions you shouldn't miss

1. Walk the slopes of the Cinque Terre
2. Ride a water bus in Venice
3. Hike in the magnificent Dolomites
4. Eat a pasta at a vineyard in Tuscany
5. Look at art in Florence
6. Have a drink at sunset by Lake Como
7. Eat a gelato in snowy Portofino
8. Visit the glassblowers in Murano
9. Be amazed by the tourists in Pisa
10. Shop among designer outlets in Milan

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