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Bali is the fairytale island in Indonesia that attracts millions of tourists every year. You don't go to Bali for the island's white paradise beaches - because there aren't any. You also don't go here for the amazing food - because it's pretty bland compared to Thailand and Malaysia. Rather, you go here for the unique culture, the beautiful landscape and the pleasant climate. Add in some of the world's most beautiful hotels, and you'll find a really lovely mix!

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9 attractions you shouldn't miss

1. Walk between the rice terraces in Jatiluwi
2. Visit the artist city of Ubud
3. Go to hip juice bars and beach clubs in Canggu
4. Eat a really good Nasi Goreng
5. Watch the sunset at Tanah Lot
6. Visit one of the 20.000 temples on the island
7. Go on a yoga retreat
8. Watch mighty surf waves at Uluwatu
9. Hike to Gitgit Waterfall and take magical photos

Five travel tips



Bali has lots of wide and beautiful beaches, but they are mostly grey-yellow beaches and unfortunately the amount of plastic that flows in from the sea during the rainy season can be shockingly large. The beaches are cleaned, but the influx of rubbish is large. Look up online what is written about the particular beach you have planned to live by.


Balinese New Year

The Balinese New Year Nyepi is celebrated one day a year. The day is to be devoted to meditation, silence and fasting, which affects all restaurants, bars and hotels. Check what applies to your particular hotel during this date, so you don't get a shock if the internet is shut down.


Climate and weather

From December to April, the most rain falls and it is the warmest both in the air and in the water. Although the temperature is fairly constant throughout the year, there is a big difference between the wet rainy season and the dry season in June, July and August. The last time we visited Bali we did it in June, which was sunny, dry and (in my opinion) relatively cool.


Tap water

Not drinkable



Everywhere except in large shopping centers and restaurants, it is worth trying to haggle. You notice right away if your hand gets cold or if there is fart moon.

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