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Is it worth going away on a weekend trip?

Is it worth going away on a weekend trip?

The vacation days start to run out and so does the energy at the end of the year. The dark days of November and December can suck the juice out of the most energetic Duracell rabbit. You need light. Heat. Rest. But is it really worth flying abroad just for a weekend?

For me, rest begins as soon as I sit on the Arlanda Express. Something is happening mentally. A latch turns over. From everyday to holidays. Away from piles of laundry, piles of dust and piles of mail. For me, holidays are a different kind of rest than time off. Vacation means I'm off on an adventure, time off means I'm at home and not working.

At the airport, I go straight to security, as I have already checked in online. Over a weekend I don't need checked luggage, I can manage 4 kg in a soft bag. When you book a good hotel, you know that there are both good hair care products and a hairdryer on site, so packing is minimal. All you need is a toothbrush, toiletry bag, a change of clothes, pajamas and a charger.

Queuing is not a holiday, so I avoid the gate until the very end. Through Priority Pass, I don't have to fight for a seat, I wait for departure in the nearest lounge. Some snacks and drinks. Peace and quiet. When I travel with a soft bag, I don't have to be the first on board and fight for space in the hat rack, my bag has plenty of room by my feet on the plane.

Does a three-hour flight seem too long to just fly away Friday to Sunday? For me, a three-hour flight equals three hours of quiet time with offline movies on Viaplay, offline magazines on Readly and a bag of well-chosen bulk sweets. Time simply flies by on the plane.

Once there, I go straight to a taxi and go to my hotel and check in. Of course, the hotel has reception 24 hours a day, so it doesn't matter if the flight happens to be late. I don't have to rush to check in.

I think you're seeing a pattern at this point. For me, simplicity, convenience and planning are the keys to a successful weekend trip. On Saturday, when I wake up in a comfortable hotel bed to a lovely hotel breakfast, I'm already in a rush. Then I go out for a walk. Between attractions, restaurants and shops. I have a decent idea of ​​what I want to see and do, but nothing is a must. The day must have a chance to develop into something unexpected as well. The focus is well-being and energy. A cup of coffee in the sun. Take time to talk to the family and breathe.

Sunday is a wonderful repetition of Saturday. Eat, drink, sleep, repeat. The flight home on Sunday evening as well. Once I unlock the door to the home, it feels like I've been away for a whole week. The energy is back. I'm ready to brave the December darkness again.

For me, a weekend in a new city is a happy pill in travel format, but without the right planning, a weekend can easily become an energy thief. For it to be worth going on a short weekend trip, certain criteria need to be met, but if you have these in place, you have every opportunity to have a fantastic weekend in the sun.

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Eva Gyllenberg-Portugal

1) Good flight times with good airlines - departure straight after work, return home late on Sunday and direct flight - a must for a good weekend trip

2) Good hotel - it should feel great to come to the hotel, then you have chosen the right hotel. Make sure it's a full-service hotel with XNUMX-hour reception and hearty breakfast.

3) The right travel companion - with the same expectations for the trip as you. I have a great family and a great husband who puts up with my constant travel urges. A weekend trip with them is always a boost of energy.

4) Simplicity – no checked-in luggage, no waiting for airport buses, no must-haves.

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