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Singapore is a calm multicultural big city oasis, in the middle of the bustle of the neighboring countries. Despite the fact that almost 6 million people live here on an area the size of half of Öland, there is order and order. In fact, I almost bet you will never visit a cleaner city than Singapore. Here you eat street food, drink tap water and eat salad without having to think about getting sick to your stomach. The subway cars are so clean that they almost smell new and the shops have everything you could possibly need. The crime rate is one of the lowest in the world and the probability of falling into a tourist trap is low. I can easily say that Singapore is my absolute favorite city in the whole world!

Is Singapore a family destination? The answer is yes! For a family that loves animals, adventure, theme parks, swimming pools and good food, you probably can't find a better match than Singapore. Here it is 30 degrees all year round, humid as in a sauna and it rains almost every day - so basically every day is perfect for adventure!!

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11 attractions you shouldn't miss

1) Shop around Orchard road
2) Get lost in Alleys of Chinatown
3) Scream at the top of your lungs Universal Studios
4) Have a drink with a view on Marina Bay Sands
5) Visit one zoo world class
6) Sunbathe among palm trees on an artificial beach at Sentosa
7) Eat on the world's cheapest Michelin restaurant
8) Stroll around among pastels The Peranakan
shophouses in Katong & Joo Chiat
9) Eat your fill of satay in one Hawker place
10) Admire the light show at Gardens by the Bay
11) Look for cobras and orchids in Botanic gardens

Eight travel tips


Eat and drink

Singapore is a real foodie city, but at the same time one of the world's most expensive cities. One way to keep the cost down is to eat at hawker places. Here you will find all the local dishes you can dream of and everyone in the party can eat exactly what they want.


Rules and laws

In Singapore you don't chew gum (illegal to bring into the country), you don't run red lights and you get fined if you don't flush the toilet. Make sure you read a little before you go here - it makes it easier!


Do not blip the card

In Singapore, you do not enter a code when you use your credit card, which means that if you try to swipe a Swedish card, the transaction will be interrupted. Make sure you always insert your card into the reader and specifically ask for a key code.


Climate and weather

Singapore has two monsoon seasons. The Northeast Monsoon from December to March and the Southwest Monsoon from June to September. During these periods it often rains in the afternoon. But it's not like it's rain-free between monsoon periods - it rains then too. And the temperature is around the 30 degree mark every day. Pack breathable clothing and an umbrella.



Taking the bus and subway is both a cheap and fresh way to get around.



It is easy to make yourself understood in Singapore. Almost everyone speaks English.


Tap water

Drinkable and delicious! A good way to both save money and make sure you drink enough fluids in the heat.



Although Singapore is a country that loves card transactions, many shops do not accept VISA, but only the local Nets and PayNow.

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