Facts Denmark


5,8 million (2018)


Danish Krone (DKK)

Drive on

Right side


UTC + 1

Denmark was one of the first countries I traveled to in my life. I was probably only 6-7 years old and we spent a few weeks on the west coast of Jutland. I don't remember much about that trip, other than that there was a lot of sand, cold in the sea and that we got a black snake on our patio. Since then, life has intervened and it's mostly been visits to the Copenhagen region and to Legoland, so even though Denmark is so close, I can't say I've seen most of it yet. But that will change now!

Our first family trip abroad after the pandemic was a car trip with the dog along northern Zealand and I'm already planning the next trip! Because Denmark is really nice as a destination, especially if you like castles, good food, stylish design and beautiful beaches.

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