Sweden's "Big Things" - Where are they?

There are many reasons to travel to Australia. The magnificent nature, the wild beaches and the unique animal life. But there is another thing that draws tourists to Australia. A list of big things. Not grand things, but BIG things. A list that makes people go on a road trip just to tick off attraction after attraction. "Australia's big things” is a cheesy list of statues, where villages and towns battle it out to have the biggest statue in Australia. The big things can be a mango, a crawfish (see picture below), a bottle of rum or an apple. It doesn't have to be pretty. It just has to be the biggest.

When we drove to Skåne last weekend, it hit me. Why don't we have a list of all the great things that are here in Sweden too? Can we help create a list? What BIG THINGS are all around Sweden? Here are the big things I've photographed so far, but there will be more! I want to visit more crazy/cool/weird/crazy big things! Which "big things" in Sweden are missing from the list? Do you know of any more? How many of the big things below have you seen?

The big potato

Next to the E4 in Mjölby you will find a giant King Edward in the so-called "potato roundabout".


The big hot air balloon

In Gränna in a roundabout next to the E4 you will find a large wooden balloon.


The big clothespin

In the park by the river by the picture museum in Umeå you will find a large clothespin.


The great sea monster

Outside Huskvarna along the E4 you will find the sea monster Nessie.


The big polka pig

In the vicinity of the E4 by Gränna you will find (not entirely unexpectedly) a large polka pig.


The big giant

Outside Huskvarna along the E4 you will find the giant Vist.


Tips on places I haven't visited yet

  • The world's largest peg chair i Edsbyn (thanks for the tip Johanna!)
  • A big conclusion typewriter in Åtvidaberg center (thanks Jörgen!)
  • A gigantic one valley horse i Avesta (Thank you, please, Annika and Therese!)
  • The big the wrench i Enkoping (Thanks for the tip Helena!)
  • The big The Lovik glove i Notch (Thanks Sara!)
  • The big the cheese graters i The Ånasse (Thanks for the tip Niklas!)
  • The big the clothes hanger i Wool longs (Thank you please Sinikka!)
  • The big Pinocchio i Boras (Thanks Anne!)
  • The big thing The Y outside Sundsvall (Thanks Mary!)
  • The big the wooden bear i Swear (Thanks for the tip Agneta!)
  • The big the pin i Gothenburg and in Kumla (Thank you Frida!)
  • The big Brio the clown i Osby (Thanks Helen!)
  • The big the buck in Gävle (only during Christmas) (Thank you 4000 mil!)
  • The big thing the accordion i Valley of Light
  • The big the rooster candlestick i Play sand
  • The big the balls just outside Landvetter
  • The big the comet i Get rid of it
  • The big stolen i almhult
Rock Lobster
"The big rock lobster" in Australia

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  1. What a fun list! The first thing that came to my mind was the great Dala horse in the Avesta that you already got hints about. I'll see if I can think of a few more. I have driven past the potato more times than I can count and Jätten Vist as well. I don't remember if I saw the hot air balloon and the polka pig when I went past Gränna, but I probably have.

  2. The cheese graters in Ånäset, I wonder if she got them, I thought throughout the article. And you had that. :-)
    My contribution must be Gävle's big Christmas goat that is available for at least one of the 12 months of the year.

  3. We have used, among other things, this website when I prepared our trip to the High Coast.
    Inspired by the list, we visited the big Y. It was really fun. Extra fun with the shop inside the Y where we bought ice cream and tea. ;)


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