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Wild Wadi Water Park in Dubai - United Arab Emirates

Wild Wadi Water Park in Dubai - United Arab Emirates

  • The Wild Wadi water park in Dubai offers a wet day of excitement, laughter and crazy antics - the whole family had a really great day here! High five on that one!

We spent a full day at one of Dubai's biggest water parks in 40-degree heat and had so much fun that the whole family high-fived on the way out. What was so much fun and how much does a day here cost?

(Unfortunately, no pictures from inside the park, I went and shouted without a mobile phone instead of taking pictures!)


Wild Wadi is located on the beach in the shadow of the famous Burj Al Arab hotel. Here, the Jumeirah hotel chain (which also owns Wild Wadi) has its large Madinat hotel complex, with everything from water-filled canals to its own souk. If you are staying at one of the Jumeirah hotels, you can easily get here with the shuttle bus that runs between the hotel, the water park and the Mall of the Emirates. Otherwise, taxis are affordable in Dubai.


The water park can be divided into a large children's section (with smaller water slides, a playground and a bath) and the pool for anyone over 1,10 metres. We only hung out in the attractions from 1,10 m.

Most of the rides you ride on an inflatable ring - for one or two people, but some slides have rings for up to 4 people. There are rides that do not require an inflatable ring: ”Wipeout"And"riptide” (waves that you surf) and “Jumeirah Sceirah” (free fall into a tube in a water slide from a 30 meter high tower). We didn't try either of the previous two, only going on the inflatable ring rides!

Our two favorites were Master Blasters and Burj Surj which we went on repeat!

Master blaster is a rollercoaster on water, where you are driven both up and down steep ridges and curves by very strong currents. Unbelievably funny! If you ride on a one-man ring, you spin around and ride forward as much as backwards. If you ride the two-man ring, you don't spin around. Depending on where you start and which way you take forward, you have a 10-15 minute ride to look forward to! One of the best parts is the "tunnel of doom", which ends the ride with a pitch-black, completely covered tunnel at high speed. Really scary the first time you go, the other times it's just a big tunnel of happiness! There are two-person rings that are particularly suitable for slightly younger waterpark visitors, where the front ring has a bottom (so the children cannot fall through the hole)

Burj Sur is a 2-4 man ring going down a tall tower. In this giant water slide, it goes away! Here all the riders sit on the bottom of the ring, so no one can fall out. Be prepared to spin around and get up to high speeds!


We visited the water park on a weekday in the 40-degree month of June, which is the start of the sweaty and hot summer in the UAE. When we entered the area at 10:30 there were no queues anywhere. At 14pm when we went, there was a 10-15 minute queue on most of the rides. Most people avoid the hottest hours of the day, but I think it was absolutely perfect to be here then! There is shade everywhere and the water cools enormously! Just remember to drink, because you need more fluids than you might think in 40 degree heat!

Since we arrived so early in the day, we managed to ride quite a lot in the first two hours, probably more than you can ride in a whole day during high season! A big plus for low season!


It is not allowed to bring food into the area, but it was ok that we brought our own water bottles from the hotel. If you want to eat, a hamburger "with plus menu" (which is enough for half the family) costs about 70 Dirham (about SEK 170 in 2018). If you stay at one of Jumeirah's hotels, however, you get a 25% discount on the food, which makes the large portion clearly worth the money.

Water bottles cost 13 Dirham if you need to buy.

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Guests over 1,10 meters tall who buy tickets at the entrance pay 336 Dirhams, if you pre-purchase tickets online it costs 270 Dirhams. Children under 1,10 meters pay 284 Dirhams / 220 Dirhams (online). Children under 2 are free.

Now comes the interesting part. For us as a family, this would normally have cost well over 2200 kronor for a day pass. But hold on. We didn't pay admission. I repeat. It was free for us. Why? Well, for guests staying at Jumeirah hotels have free entry to the park as many times as they want during their stay.

The only thing we paid for, apart from food, was the cost of renting a small locker for 48 Dirhams.

It is possible to pay with cash inside the area, but if you want to avoid running back and forth to your locker, you can load your wristband (all guests wear a wristband) with money at the entrance. Then you shop cash-free in the area. Anything left over on the bracelet you get back in cash.

So, what was the final grade?

Crazy fun, the whole family screamed hoarse with laughter and howling. We want to go back! Preferably when there are reasonably long queues like this! However, we would probably have maximized the day more if we had paid the entrance, now we prioritized an afternoon tea at our hotel instead. But we really got to ride a lot in the 5 hours we were here!

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