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Wedevåg manor house - A gem to return to - Västmanland

Sometimes you find real gems for hotels. Such places that you almost don't want to tell about, as you prefer to keep them to yourself. 4 miles north of Örebro lies the incredibly cozy the Wedevåg manor in the locality of the same name. A boutique hotel run by the passionate owners Per and Sanni, who personally make sure you are comfortable from the moment you walk in the door until you check out. Here we were treated to an overall experience in everything from the beautiful rooms to the tasting menu at the gourmet restaurant and the award-winning breakfast. Could this possibly be the best hotel experience of the year for us?

Wedevåg manor

The building and surroundings

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Wedevåg's yellow mansion dates back to the 18th century and is located in quiet and beautiful nature within walking distance to a nice bathing lake. The entire mansion is decorated in castle style with lots of gold, beautiful old furniture, heavy red carpets, bulging paintings, dog statues and shiny armor. A style that fits the building like a glove and that feels both extremely well thought out and completely natural in this environment.

On the ground floor of the mansion is the dining room with the gourmet restaurant, which I will write more about soon. One floor up there is a games room with a pool table and board games where our youngsters hung out for large parts of the stay. Fancy a glass of bubbly? The reception is also great as a bar if you want to sit in the sun in the comfortable lounge furniture in front of the mansion or in the golden red lounge.

Wedevåg manor
Wedevåg manor
Wedevåg manor

The rooms

Rating: 5 out of 5.

The hotel has 18 rooms, of which 16 rooms have their own toilet. We were given a room in the wing of the manor, a detached house built in 1637 adjacent to the manor. As soon as we opened the door to the room, we understood why this was called the "romantic room". Floral pink wallpaper, beautiful old lamps and a cast iron fireplace welcomed us with open arms. The bathroom felt completely newly renovated, in exactly the right style for such a grand room. There were nice little details everywhere that made the room feel homely and cosy. Outside our window was a group of sofas, where we could sit and read a book in the sunshine. By the way, there was no TV and no wifi in the room, but who needs that when you're in such a beautiful setting?

Comfortable beds and nice hygiene products meant that we both slept and woke up well in this room.

Wedevåg manor
Wedevåg manor
Wedevåg manor


Rating: 5 out of 5.

In the evening we had booked the manor's tasting menu – a seven-course dinner with a wine package. The menu looked appealing to the whole family, so it ended up being the same menu for all three of us. And what a night it was. Perfection from start to finish – in everything from service to flavors and experience.

The restaurant was fully booked with mixed groups. Everything from a large family celebration of a birthday to an elderly couple enjoying life. The tables were at well-measured corona distances and were set with beautiful white tablecloths and classic porcelain. All guests are served the same menu, but it was possible to choose individual dishes for children if they did not want the full menu.

Baked egg from Kackelbo with smoked rainbow trout, pickled mustard seeds and thyme foam.
Pilgrim mussels with roasted oats, sour cream, pickles and chive oil.
Rimmed cod loin, stewed white cabbage, fresh apple, onion sauce and butter sauce with dill.
Fallow deer from Bergslagen with celeriac puree, charred onion, port wine and Madeira sauce, thyme oil.
Sea buckthorn sorbet topped with bubbles.
Butter-fried sponge cake with salted caramel cream, roasted buckwheat, raspberry sorbet.
Coffee with the manor's coffee sweets.

I'll just say one thing – it's only a matter of time before the White Guide discovers this place. Everything on the menu – from the first course Kackelboegg to the final butter-fried sponge cake – was a treat. The right acid, the right saltiness, the right texture and the right presentation. 3,5 hours of non-stop tasting entertainment for the whole family. I am extra happy that the menu went home for our whole party. Tasting menus often contain some spread-out dish where the chef has experimented with it from the toes, but here all the dishes felt in the right order and with well-balanced seasoning and taste. A bit of French perfection in a Swedish way. A gold star for the chef and his team - we want to dine here more often! Let us know when you've changed the menu, and we'll be back!

Wedevåg manor
Wedevåg manor
Wedevåg manor

The breakfast

Rating: 5 out of 5.

A breakfast that has won a French breakfast competition with a jury of star chefs – could it be anything? 2018 won Wedevåg's manor a prestigious competition in Paris with its breakfast set-up, and it's not hard to understand why.

Breakfast is served with table service at "our" table in the dining room, the same table we had dinner at the night before. A cavalcade of everything you desire enters various servings, culminating in a large tiered platter of fruit and cold cuts. Eggs and bacon are cooked to order and warm croissants slide in from the side after a while. The coffee comes in a large silver pot and the coffee cups are at least as romantic and beautiful as our room. A breakfast that raised the stay another notch. I hope Wedevåg Manor never starts a buffet breakfast, it would take away a big part of the experience.

Wedevåg manor

And what was the overall family rating?

Rating: 5 out of 5.

So far the best hotel experience of the summer and a place we would very much like to visit again! Full pot from the whole family – in everything from the handwritten welcome sign with our name on arrival, to the steaming hot croissant at breakfast. Good sleep, good food, good wine and beautiful surroundings - simply everything you could want from a manor stay!

Wedevåg manor

How do I get to Wedevåg manor?

Wedevåg's manor is located 4 miles north of Örebro, 2,5 miles east of the cozy wooden town of Nora.

Wedevåg's Manor
Hallencreutz road 1
711 72 Wood wave

Map (opens in Google maps)

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  • True Rosell
    24 August, 2020 at 13: 55

    What fantastic pictures and how nicely you describe Wedevåg's manor! Makes me want to go there - bums!

    • Eva Gyllenberg
      30 August, 2020 at 20: 58

      Thank you very much Sanna - a little notice that you are so close to this gem! I need more weekends here this fall I feel! ?

  • FREEDOMtravel
    29 August, 2020 at 21: 31

    Oh how beautiful it looks! And amazing pictures!

    • Eva Gyllenberg
      30 August, 2020 at 20: 57

      It's a real little unknown gem - not hard to find beautiful pictures in such a lovely setting! And the food... mmmmm

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