Velamsund nature reserve in winter - Nacka

January haze and fog. Black slip and hoar frost. It was perhaps not the best weather in Stockholm this Sunday, even though the forecast even promised a glimpse of the sun. But we all need daylight and the week's only chance for a long walk without a headlamp was given today. So we jumped into the car and headed to a nature reserve we hadn't visited before – Velamsund in Nacka.

Velamsund is located in eastern Boo in Nacka and is the municipality's largest outdoor area. The nature reserve is located between lakes Insjön and Velamsundsviken. In addition to hiking trails, a stroller path, a restaurant and a swimming area, there is a large farm with lots of horses.


5 degrees below zero and low clouds. The horses don't look completely happy today but mostly stand still or dig in the frozen ground with their hooves. But I bet they're happy that at least it's fly-free.

We keep a little distance from the horses as we have the dog with us. But the horses don't seem to care about us at all. They seem to be busy with their own thoughts.


There are several hiking trails that go in the forest around Velamsund. The 15 km long Boo Trail crosses through the nature reserve and there is also a 2,5 km electric light trail. The red loop is 6 km and partly runs along the strait and offers nice views of the seaviken and its rocks. The yellow goat loop sounded tempting, but when we saw that the loop probably got its name from a mountain goat, we agreed. A bit difficult to go out on the mountain today when there is so much insidious black ice everywhere.


There is a thin layer of fresh snow and frost over the entire landscape. Even the ice has acquired a shaggy covering, making it look treacherously much thicker than it is.

Nature invites you to a concert. The ice sings with sad tones that bounce over the water as it freezes. Like a sad violin that doesn't get to play with its string buddies.

It is windless and the rocks on the other side of the strait are reflected in the calm water surface. All boats are picked up and the restaurant is closed for the season. It's so quiet so quiet. There is not even a noise from any road. The singing ice can sing completely without competition.


Lilibet runs like a happy little hen from one side of the path to the other. It scents so good everywhere and the horse shit in the middle of the trail is very exciting. Think how much more energy she gets from a walk in the woods than on our street in town. The forest not only gives me energy, but also the little pug.

The path is wide and well maintained and there should be no problem walking here with a pram, although there is a separate pram loop for those who want to be sure of getting around.

Lilibet ready for mischief

Before the path turns into the forest, we turn around. We were looking for daylight and beautiful views and don't feel that the dark forest beckons today. Typical of the entire area around Velamsund are the bare and sparsely pine-clad mountains, but all the pine also makes the forest dark under the low winter sun. We will simply have to go back here in the spring and walk more. Because this area adds more flavor.


On the way back to the car, one of the horses shows an interest in Lilibet. We carefully release Lilibet a little closer to the fence. The horse and the dog look at each other. A quiet "Tjena" and "How you doin". The horse nods his head slightly sullenly. It is unclear whether Lilibet understands that the horse is significantly bigger than her. She is often a little too much multum in parvo for their own good.


How do I get to Velamsund?

Velamsund nature reserve is located in Nacka, approximately 2,5 miles (25 minutes) by car east of Stockholm. Here you can ski and skate in the winter and swim in Lake Insjön in the summer. There are hiking trails and walking paths for all ages, everything from the simple Barnvagnsslingan to the longer Boo trail. If you want to ride, get in touch Neck riding house.

During the summer, restaurant Långa Raden and café Welamsund are usually open, check them out website for more information on opening hours.

Map (opens in Google maps)

Do you want to read more about Velamsund? Look into The county board's page!

Information sign Velamsund
Information sign at the car park


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