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Photo album from Vättern's eastern shore - Småland

Do not take the E4 if you are not in a hurry, rather take the road along the eastern shore of Lake Vättern. A must-stop after the road is one of the sweet-smelling polka pig factories and Brahehus, but continue up towards Ödeshög and visit the old monastery ruin Alvastra and stop and read on Sweden's most famous rune stone - the Smoke Stone.

White flower and red cottage-Gränna-Sweden
Sinking boat-Gränna-Sweden
Candy factory-Gränna-Sweden
Gränna - Sweden
Brahehus - Gränna - Sweden
Gränna - Sweden
Flowers and a red fence-Sweden
Flower fields-Sweden
Alvastra monastery-Sweden
Alvastra abbey-Sweden
Vättern beach-Gränna-Sweden
Country road-Gränna-Sweden
Wind mill-Sweden
Red poppy-Vättern-Sweden
Snail-Gränna - Sweden
The smoke stone runestone-Sweden
Cooking of polkagris candy-Gränna-Sweden
Fields by the shores of Vättern-Sweden
Golden Otter - Gränna - Sweden
Candy shop-Gränna-Sweden
Taking a rainy walk-Gränna-Sweden
Bubbly sea - Gränna-Sweden
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