Why do we care about the weather at home when we are abroad?

We Swedes must be the most weather dependent people in the world. Even when we're lying on the beach in Greece with the sun shining, we can't help but sneak a peek at the weather app. Doesn't it look like maybe there will be some clouds at 14pm tomorrow? I myself am the same when I travel. When we were in Iceland in April, I found myself checking 4 different apps several times a day. When I examine myself, I also realize that I usually believe the most pessimistic report to avoid being askedviken. My practical side wants to know what clothes to bring so I don't get wet, if I need sunscreen and if I should bring a thermos of coffee to warm me up. A bit like a scout, I want to be - "always ready". What is not as logical, however, is why I also check the weather at home. But I'm not alone. According to a investigation by Thomas Cook/Ving, a full 51% of Swedes check the weather at home when they are on holiday. And the purpose is usually not to be happy that the friends are having a great time at home... 4 out of 10 Swedes are happy when the weather is bad at home when they are abroad. Can we really be so envious? Or is it actually that we are a bit practical? Regardless, here are five good excuses for those of you who have ever been happy about the bad weather at home:

  • You care about the forest and that the blueberries/mushrooms/raspberries will get enough rain, so we can look forward to a fantastic mushroom year!
  • You think statistically and realize that the probability of nice weather lasting forever is low. It would be sad if the Swedish summer came and went when you're not there? Better if it comes when you're at home!
  • You think of your poor neighbors who have to water your flowers! If it's hot, they need to be watered more often, it would be a shame if they got backache from all the watering!
  • You think that bad weather is good for the colleagues who are at home and working, it always gets so hot in the office when the sun is shining. And oh how expensive it gets if you have to eat ice cream every lunch to cool off!
  • Your rain gear has broken and Goretex isn't cheap. It would be good if the bad weather is over until you get back, so you don't have to buy rain gear until the summer sale starts. You can use the money you save on a weekend trip instead! Very good!


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