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3 Unique Hotels in Burgundy - From Castle to Post Office - France

3 Unique Hotels in Burgundy - From Castle to Post Office - France

  • Last summer we explored Burgundy, a region known for its gastronomy and wine production. It was a memorable trip where three accommodations stood out a little extra - two historic castles and an old post station.

Last summer we drove around Burgundy in northeastern France, an area known for gastronomy, wine production and medieval towns. It was a memorable trip with a big food focus and we came home with a luggage full of good wines and warm memories of the rolling hills covered with verdant vines. In the evenings we sat in the sunset and listened to French jazz or wandered through historic corridors on our way to a well-cooked dinner. During the day we greeted truffle dogs, went wine tasting or explored historical world heritage sites. Burgundy has plenty of everything that gives life a golden edge.

Burgundy has many old monasteries and fairytale castles and offers a wealth of unique and historic accommodation. We thoroughly enjoyed the entire trip and our accommodations were as pleasant and embracing as a well-aged wine. During our journey from south to north in Burgundy, we stayed at several different hotels, but these three became our favourites.

Hôtel de la Poste et du Lion d'Or – Vézelay

The beautiful village of Vézelay is located in northern Burgundy on a hill with miles-long views of the area's vineyards. The village is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and here in its own wine region, Chardonnay is mostly grown.

In Vézelay is a real gem of a hotel – Hôtel de la Poste et du Lion d'Or. The 39 rooms are located in an old post station, where the former postmen rested their horses.

We stayed in a fresh suite with a bedroom with a double bed and a room with a sofa bed. There was air conditioning and the room had a lovely view out to the village.

In the hotel is the very popular restaurant The eternal, with set menus from €59. However, we missed booking a table and the restaurant was fully booked every evening.

There is cheap street parking right next to the hotel and a lovely bar with lounge furniture for a glass of Vézelay or Chablis in the balmy sunset.
Dogs are welcome.

Hôtel de la Poste et du Lion d'Or
9 Pl. du Champ de Foire
89450 Vezelay

Prices from SEK 2100/double room/night

Lounge with velvet furniture in beige and green and a fireplace
Sunset over a lounging corner high on a hill overlooking the fields
Hotel in a stone house that used to be a post station in Burgundy

Chateau de la Barge – Crêches-sur-Saône

In an old wine castle from the 17th century in southern Burgundy, today is a small-scale castle hotel with a restaurant overlooking vineyards.

The 25 rooms are all different, we stayed in the family room at the top of the house with a bedroom with a double bed and a large living room with sofas, armchairs and two single beds. There was air conditioning in the large living room.

The restaurant has affordable set menus and a large wine list with local wines – mainly Beaujolais and Mâconnais. We had a long and pleasant dinner here one of our evenings. Such a long dinner that ended long after the sun had gone down and the mosquitoes had started to appear.

Parking is free and there is an outdoor pool with sunbeds for hot summer days. Dogs are welcome.

Chateau de la Barge
155 Rte des Allemands
71680 Crêches-sur-Saône

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Prices from SEK 1000/double room/night

Castle in sunset with the facade covered in ivy.
View of an old castle with vineyards behind
Double bed in a red room with ceiling beams

Hotel Golf Chateau De Chailly – Chailly

In the middle of the Burgundy countryside, just west of Dijon, lies Hotel Golf Chateau De Chailly. With only a 30 minute drive to the vineyards at Route des Grands Crus the hotel feels relatively central, despite the quiet location. The hotel is located in a castle from the 16th century and has its own golf course with 18 holes that starts right at the castle. For hot days there is also a pool with sunbeds.

Restaurant La Table des Producteurs is located in the castle's basement vault, but has a large outdoor seating area for the warm months. A pleasant and classic a la carte menu welcomes guests with main courses in the price range €25-30. There are also three bars where there are smaller dishes and lunch (we ate, for example, a charcuterie/cheese tray).

Our double room with extra bed was in one wing and had a small patio in the courtyard. Dogs are allowed.

Hotel Golf Chateau De Chailly
All. du château,
21320 Chailly-sur-Armançon

Prices from SEK 2000/double room/night, but there are very affordable packages where dinner and green fee are included.

Sandstone castle with two towers with a pool in front
Cool old bar with turquoise velvet furniture
Double room with a double bed and an armchair with a table
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