Czech Republic

Facts Czech Republic


10,5 million (2016)


Czech Koruna (CZK)


Right side


UTC + 1

Why should you go to the Czech Republic?

Prague is one of Europe's coziest old cities. Here, among historic astronomical clocks, castles and beautiful bridges, it's hard not to enjoy yourself. Do you want to try something new? The Czech Republic's second largest city, Brno, offers gastronomic experiences that both dare to be different and challenge the traditional. Here the distances are small and it is easy to get around on foot. Or why not visit cool Plzen - the birthplace of pilsner.

Prague Castle in Prague

10 attractions you shouldn't miss

1) Admire the Astronomical Clock in Prague
2) Visit a vineyard in Moravia
3) Go on a guided food or beer tour in Prague
4) Walk across the Charles Bridge in Prague
5) Visit the beautiful Prague Castle
6) Stroll the small alleys by the cathedral in beautiful Brno
7) Discover the pub scene in the hip Karlin district of Prague
8) Shop for hand-blown glass from Bohemia
9) Warm up with a Czech goulash during a Christmas market
10) Let beer do wonders for your skin at a beer spa in Plzen

Five travel tips


Eat and drink

Pilsner originates from the Czech Republic and the city of Plzeň, so it is perhaps not surprising that the Czech Republic is the world's largest consumer of beer. In the Czech Republic, they don't talk about the alcohol percentage of the beer, but the wort strength. So if it says "12 degrees" on the beer, then it is not alcohol.



The Czech Republic has a well-developed train network with fresh trains and it does not take many hours to go from one end of the country to the other. Take the opportunity to explore cities other than Prague!


Christmas markets

The Czechs are serious about their Christmas markets and every single city absolutely shines at Christmas time.


Price level

Prague is still a relatively cheap metropolis, but your wallet will stretch even further if you head to one of the Czech Republic's other cities.



The vast majority of shops outside of Prague have shorter opening hours on Saturdays and most shops (except large grocery stores) are closed on Sundays.

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