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The world opens again – but do I want to travel now?

The world opens again – but do I want to travel now?

Sofiero - greenhouse

It is almost unimaginable that almost four months ago I was on a plane on my way to Malta. In a world where airport departure halls were full of people, people hugged their friends and didn't mind taking the subway to work packed like herrings. After four months of worry and change, the world is starting to open up again and we Swedes are now allowed to travel to ten countries with the Foreign Ministry's permission. But how do I really feel about traveling today? Have I started booking trips now?

The world is opening up again, but the world is not opening up because the pandemic is over. Rather, the world is opening up for economic reasons. It has been a long time since the world was in such bad shape with rising unemployment, reduced consumption, falling GDP and (basically) non-existent transport options to other countries. It was reported on Thursday most new covid-19 cases in one day ever in the world, but our news media has almost stopped reporting on the pandemic. From having been front page news and something that every Swede talked about on a daily basis, the news value has disappeared. Nobody wants to read about corona anymore, you have to scroll far down the news sites to get information. The world is tired of being in quarantine. We bury our heads in the sand. If our friends could take the train to Skåne and not get sick, then it can't be that dangerous to travel, can it? If you can book a charter to Croatia in August, is it safe to go? If the colleague went to visit his parents without anyone getting sick, then it can't be that dangerous to meet the elderly, can it? Physical meetings are starting to be booked in the offices again and there is coughing in the corridor. If you've been fever-free for two days, you're healthy, right? The cough is probably just a pollen allergy?

Bosjökloster - Skåne

Maybe it's a little strange that I, as a travel blogger, am now writing this, but as the situation is right now, I don't feel any desire to travel abroad. I care too much about my and my family's health, I care too much about our country's economy, and I care too much about the risk of infecting others to book any new trips abroad right now. Everything has its time. I'm not even going to risk booking plane tickets for Christmas just to possibly save some kronor. Who knows where the pandemic is raging the most in six months and which countries still have their borders closed? If the world has opened up without relapse or there is a vaccine, then I will buy plane tickets and plan trips again. Don't get me wrong - i long so much it hurts to travel and rediscover values ​​- but longing to travel is one thing, traveling during an ongoing pandemic is another.

So how do I plan to travel in the coming months?

I will avoid all planes, trains, boats and buses and only travel to places where we can go in our own car. There will simply be a lot of Sweden. At first it felt extremely silly, but after these four months in quarantine it now feels incredibly luxurious to be able to discover both old favorites and new places in my surroundings. I can't even plan where I'd like to fly when the world opens up again for real. I'll take that then. Until then, I will write about my excursions around Stockholm and dream back to Malta, Slovenia and Western Australia - I have so many pictures and places left to tell about here on the blog!

So what do I do with all my time at home in Sweden then?

Maybe this time for reflection actually brings something good. I have discovered that tinkering with my plants on the balcony is quite fun. In fact, I probably even read more gardening blogs and magazines than travel right now. I would never have thought that a year ago. I have discovered that it is nice to read books in the light of my solar cell lamps on the balcony in the evenings. I also notice that I'm less stressed when my brain doesn't always have 20 ongoing private projects, travel plans and dinners to keep track of in the evenings. Although there is a lot of work at my regular job right now, I need to work a little less as the family's project manager in my spare time. No evil that does not simply bring something good with it.

Eva - Sofiero Castle

So what trips am I most looking forward to right now?

I'm looking forward to some lovely holiday days Österlen, with sand between your toes, farm shops and lots of coffee. I'm looking forward to some cozy manor nights in Mälardalen, with excursions to sugary wooden towns and national parks. I also look forward to discovering Öland's enchanted forests, bird paradise and lighthouses. Quite simply a varied summer. A little hiking and nature. A bit of history and culture. Some good food and nice accommodation. Just like a normal summer. Fixed at home and with a safe distance. "Away well with home best" applies to the summer of 2020. Everything has its time. And right now, it's definitely sleepy days for me.

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How do you think about traveling abroad now? Do you have anything booked this summer?

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  • Feel exactly like you and haven't searched for a single plane ticket in months. I am staying home until there is a vaccine or a guaranteed cure or until basically everyone in the world is healthy…

    • Yes, plane tickets don't feel so hot right now :) It will almost feel a little strange when you can fly again, wonder if it will ever feel the same?

  • We feel a bit the same. It is clear that we want to travel abroad in the future, but we are happy to wait. The plan for the summer is to travel with our motorhome in Sweden. That way of traveling feels great right now.

    • Not entirely wrong with a mobile home this summer, especially since you have made it so nice this year! I can wait six months to travel abroad, as long as we can all keep our health. You don't have to go far to travel, do you?

  • In a way, I'm really looking forward to all those trips on my bucket list. But mostly I feel just like you. It's quite nice not to have a lot of plans and projects in your head and to always be looking for cheap plane tickets.

    It will also be Sweden for us this summer. Since we have already coped with Covid in our family, I don't feel as afraid of getting infected or infecting others, but I also want to support all the good places that are in Sweden and nearby. And there is an amazing amount to discover!

    • Aww, hope you've all recovered from the sickness! I figure I'll have plenty of time to tick off the bucket list later and I agree - there's so much to discover! I hope someone takes this opportunity and writes a really good travel guide about Sweden, because this many waterfalls and magical hiking trails I had no idea existed!

  • Traveling clearly shines with its absence, but you have to try to think about how much fun it will be to drive again when this is over!

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