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Loved Thailand! There is probably not a Swede who does not have an opinion about Thailand. We belong to the category that loves Thailand and could probably go here every year. I've been to Phuket and Krabi, rode the train all over Thailand, glided around Hua Hin, crossed the bridge in Kanchanabury and hung out in Bangkok. Good food, world-class hotels and beaches for the most discerning - Thailand has it all!

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10 things you shouldn't miss

1. Grab a longtail boat to the paradise islands outside Krabi
2. Marvel at the gold-covered Grand Palace in Bangkok
3. Eat amazing Thai food from street stalls
4. Climb the rocks in Railey Beach
5. Ride a train across the Bridge over the River Kwai
6. Mingle with Thai tourists in Hua Hin
7. View Bangkok high from above from a rooftop bar
8. Snorkel at the Similan Islands
9. Enjoy a Thai massage on the beach
10. Go by boat and visit the Wat Pho and Wat Arun temples in Bangkok

Five travel tips



Thailand is sticky, warm and absolutely wonderful all year round. The daytime temperature is around 30 degrees and the sea is just as warm (28-30 degrees). The least rain falls in Phuket and Hua Hin between December and March. We have visited both Phuket and Hua Hin during the rainy season (June/July) and found that it rained much more in Phuket than in Hua Hin during the same period. Don't be afraid of a little rain, the prices are much nicer in the low season.


Visit temples

If you want to visit temples, you need to wear clothes that cover the upper body, shoulders and knees. You always take off your shoes before entering a temple.



Bargaining is very common, but do it respectfully and with a smile. Don't shame bid, it's insulting.


Mosquito repellent

There are plenty of mosquitoes in Thailand and during periods dengue fever and zika virus flourish. Bring mosquito repellent from home, but be prepared that the mosquitoes in Thailand sometimes decide to ignore the Swedish mosquito repellents and that you then need to buy a local (and significantly more toxic) pesticide.


Avoid animal attractions

In Thailand, you can be photographed with tigers or ride elephants. Do not do it. Avoid all animal attractions where animals are forced to perform or be ridden. The animals are not treated well and the only way to stop this is to not give the practitioners your money.

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