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Autumn holidays in Stockholm 2023 – 15 exciting tips

Autumn holidays in Stockholm offer both scary and fun things for all ages. Here are 15 tips on everything from museums to restaurants.

Travel pharmacy - How to pack for the trip

If you get sick on the trip, it's good to have a travel pharmacy with you. Here you will find a checklist - regardless of destination and age!

-"But mom - that's not Mumbai, that's Dubai!"

I don't know how many times I have had to answer the question: "Doesn't it feel unnecessary to go to <"any place"> with the daughter now, isn't it better to wait until she can remember the trip?" After Saturday's movie night, I've actually changed my answer.

Disneyland or Universal Studios - which park to choose?

I can start by admitting that I LOVE theme parks. But if you are between a visit to Disneyland or Universal Studios - which should you really choose? And how much does it cost?

Travel to Australia with children - Tips before the trip

What is it really like to travel with children to Australia? Here are my best tips for the trip!

7 US National Parks for Family Adventures

Become a Junior Ranger, go sledding on sand dunes or go down into one of the world's coolest caves. Here are 7 tips on national parks in the United States that even children appreciate.

5 exciting destinations for adventurous families

Going on a family adventure is a perfect vacation for an active family. Hike, watch whales or snorkel on coral reefs - here are my 5 tips!

Sydney with kids - Top 5 attractions - Australia

Australia's largest city Sydney has lots of attractions and things to do with children, no wonder the whole family enjoys it here! Here are our favorites!

Travel to France with children - 7 tips for a wonderful holiday

Are you traveling to France with children? There are things to think about here, regardless of whether you drive a car or go on a big city weekend

Packing list for traveling with children

Are you traveling with a child or baby? Here is our packing list that we reuse every trip!