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Odd sights in Tallinn - 9 favorites - Estonia

Tallinn offered many unexpected and quirky sights. Those that made me a little extra happy in my heart and soul. Have you seen them too?

Photo album from Tallinn - Estonia

Here comes a cascade of photos from our weekend in Tallinn. More precisely, 32 photos from the Old Town. With and without umbrella.

Tallinn - 10 Sights and things to do - Estonia

What can you see during a weekend in Tallinn? Here is the list of all the sights in Tallinn that you must not miss!

Balti Jaama Turg - The market you shouldn't miss in Tallinn - Estonia

The Balti Jaama Turg market sells everything from vegetables to Russian caviar and knitted socks. I lift some mushrooms. Are they edible? They are cheap anyway. 3 euros for the indefinable mushrooms.

Restaurants in Tallinn - 3 favorites - Estonia

Tallinn offers trendy and unpretentious restaurants with an Estonian twist. These three restaurants became our favourites!

3 cozy cafes in Tallinn – Estonia

What do you do in Tallinn when it rains the whole trip? You go to a café, of course!

Nordic Hotel Forum - Affordable hotel in Tallinn - Estonia

We have stayed at the Nordic Hotel Forum in Tallinn - an affordable and fresh hotel in the modern shopping district just outside the ring wall.

Home again from a weekend in Tallinn! - Estonia

Home again after a lovely weekend in Tallinn. Time to sum up the highs and lows of the trip!