Rucksacks travel guide


The search for the koala - Great Ocean road - Australia

I love watching wild animals. Be invisible and barely breathe, just watch. But where could I see a wild koala? We headed to Kennett River.

Melbourne Attractions - My 10 Favorites - Victoria - Australia

Melbourne has become one of our favorite cities. There is so much wonderful to see and do here, but if I were to choose a few favorites, it would be these ten!

Street art in Melbourne - Victoria - Australia

Melbourne is one of the world's hottest cities for street art. Colorful, changing and innovative - this is simply the art of life.

Great Ocean Road - A little film - Victoria - Australia

A film from our road trip on one of the world's most beautiful roads - the Great Ocean Road in Victoria, Australia.

Photo album from Melbourne - Australia

Melbourne is hot and hip and has a lot more seasons than Sydney and Brisbane. Here comes a photo album with pictures from our visits to the city!