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Mediterranean Sea

8 attractions in Gozo you should not miss - Malta

On Malta's second largest island, Gozo, the views are a little more magnificent, the nature a little greener, the beaches a little sandier and the sea a little more turquoise. Join us for 8 beautiful places and sights on Gozo!

Wied il-Ghasri - The winding bay of Gozo - Malta

On the north coast of Gozo lies a tiny little beach in a meandering bay. Wied il-Ghasri. Perhaps one of the world's most beautiful beaches.

The salt farmers of Gozo - Malta

In Xwejni on the north coast of Gozo, salt farmers still harvest sea salt in the traditional way in salt pans. The salt works are inherited in the family through the generations, but the profession is hard and tiring. Today, only a handful of salt farmers remain.

Piran – Italian vibes on the Slovenian Riviera

On Slovenia's little strip of coastline on the Mediterranean Sea lies the city of Piran. A car-free city with a lot of Venice feel and a lot of charm!

Riomaggiore - Our last stop in Cinque Terre - Italy

We can't believe it. We are sitting at an outdoor terrace, at the far end of a cliff in Cinque Terre. Sea View. A cold beer in hand. How could we be so lucky? Is this happiness? Our last stop in the Cinque Terre is Riomaggiore, which both charms and surprises.

Manarola - Where the Cinque Terre takes my breath away - Italy

The third village we visited in Cinque Terre was Manarola. Here I finally understood the essence of Cinque Terre. My hallelujah moment, quite simply.

Hotel Vis à Vis in Sestri Levante - Hotel review - Italy

We have stayed at Hotel Vis à Vis in Sestri Levante, which offered both big pluses - but also big minuses.

Monterosso Al Mare – Cinque Terre's northernmost town – Italy

Cinque Terre's northernmost town offered us beautiful beaches, a tower and a lot of construction work...

Santa Margherita - the city everyone passes but few visit - Italy

Some cities are passed on the way to somewhere else. One of these towns is Santa Margherita, the gateway to Portofino. That city that everyone passes by, but no one really visits.

Ride the train in Cinque Terre - Italy

What is the easiest way to experience the five villages of Cinque Terre? Is it possible to visit all the villages in one day? The answer is simple: By traveling by train!

Burano - The island where the rainbow meets Venice - Italy

There is an island off Venice that all the colors of the rainbow cannot describe. A place where lavender is a discreet color. On the island of Burano, colors are taken to a new level.

Vernazza – Our second stop in Cinque Terre – Italy

Vernazza was our second stop in the Cinque Terre and perhaps the visit that gave me the most "deja vu" feeling - even though I had never been here before.

Portofino - Celebrities' favorite village - Italy

Google Portofino and you will be met with images of luxurious boats, fantastic houses, beautiful clothes and perfect people. Portofino is no ordinary fishing village, but one of Italy's most exclusive holiday resorts.

Corsica - 7 attractions and favorites - France

One of the Mediterranean's largest islands has plenty of beautiful nature and cities with dramatic views. We managed to find some real goodies!