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Sydney Attractions - My 10 Favorites - Australia

Sydney Attractions - My 10 Favorites - Australia

  • Australia's largest city, Sydney, has some world-famous sights that you just have to experience, but the biggest benefit you get is just hanging out in this lovely city.
Sydney Bridge

Sydney is one of my favorite cities. Every time I tiredly arrived in Sydney and checked into the hotel in the middle of the pitch black (but oh so beautiful) winter night, I wanted to go out into the streets and scream until my vocal cords curl: "Honey, I'm home!" Because Sydney and I stuck to each other right away, kind of like a wool mitten and Velcro. It was also very quick to get stuck in and it gets harder and harder to leave here every time I'm here.

Sydney is a city that has a few must-see sights, but you get the most bang for your buck by just hanging out in the city and its nice suburbs. But a list to check off is never wrong, right?

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1.Sydney Opera House

Not a particularly unlikely winner on the list, but the opera house is in a class of its own. The most exciting thing about the opera house is that it actually does not look at all as expected. It is not so white, not one house (but several) and it is best enjoyed from a distance in the evening sun.

Sydney Opera House
The Opera House

2.The Rocks

In 1788, the first Europeans set foot on Australian soil at the area of ​​"the Rocks" in Sydney, and from this headland a city began to form. Even today, over 100 buildings remain from the early 19th century, but today the area is much more orderly and clean than when the first colonizers came here. Stroll the cobbled streets, visit the small galleries and bars and shop at one of the area's markets.

Sydney the Rocks
The Rocks

3. Sydney fish market

A fish market? How fun can that be? Yes, absolutely crazy fun! This is not at all like the fish market in Tokyo, but much more charming and pleasant. Take the opportunity to munch on Moreton Bay Bugs (looks like very strange upside-down crayfish) and have a glass of white. Here, people like to hang out on the outdoor terrace all year round!

Sydney Fish Market
Sydney Fish Market

4. Sydney Harbor Bridge

Sure, the Sydney Harbor Bridge is a really long arch bridge and the world's tallest steel bridge - but it's not the records that make this bridge so special. This bridge is just so beautiful! If you're brave enough, book an early morning walk up to the top of the bridge's arches. Nothing for you who are afraid of heights!

Harbor bridge

5. Royal Botanic Gardens

In the middle of town and with fantastic views of the city skyline and the opera house. In the botanical garden, you can take a long and pleasant walk. In the trees during the day, cockatoos and kookaburras scream in chorus, at night you can meet flying dogs.

Sydney Royal Botanic Garden
Royal Botanic Gardens

6. Sydney Beaches – Bondi, Manley etc

One of Sydney's biggest draws are the stunning beaches that line the city's suburbs. Here, the architect-designed houses stand in a row and the beaches are filled all year round with surfers and lifeguards. Make sure you visit at least one beach resort while you're here, so you can feel the true soul of the city.

Sydney Beaches

7. Darling Harbor

A harbor area in central Sydney, packed with museums, boat cruises, animal experiences and restaurants. It's easy to spend a whole day here, especially if you're traveling with kids!

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Darling Harbor
Darling Harbor

8.Museum of Contemporary Art

For being Australia's largest city, the range of really good museums is not that great. But in the harbor is the nicest Museum of Contemporary Art, which always has exciting exhibitions that inspire and amaze.

Museum of Contemporary Art

9. Go boating in Sydney Harbour

You don't have to pay for expensive cruises to go boating in Sydney. Hop on a boat from the harbor to Manley or Taroonga Zoo for a few dollars. You get to hang out with Sydneysiders commuting to and from work on these commuter boats AND get to see Sydney from the water. A win-win!

Sydney Harbor

10. Shopping in the Queen Victoria Building

Sydney offers really fun shopping for those who want to find Australian design. Of course there are international chains these days, but the percentage is vanishingly small. The Queen Victoria Building (generally called QVB) is not only an incredibly beautiful building, but offers many (for us Swedes) new shopping acquaintances.

Sydney Shopping

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