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Do you need a travel guide to Sweden? Or do you know everything already? If there is one thing that I have learned in the last two years, it is that there is much more to see in Sweden than I ever thought before. We Swedes find it so easy to diminish experiences in Sweden, as if they are not as "nice" as things you experience abroad.

I have far from visited all parts of Sweden, but I have seen many landscapes and cities. And I can say one thing. We should be damn proud of our country. About the public right. About our history. Over our nature. About our sustainability thinking. And over all our fantastic entrepreneurs who elevate Sweden as a tourist nation. Sweden is fantastic. And that's it.



  • Hike in Skuleskogen
  • Visit a vineyard in Skåne
  • Explore Stockholm's metropolitan jungle
  • Sunbathing on a cliff on the West Coast
  • Visit a spice farm in Österlen
  • Go on a porpoise safari in Mölle
  • Experience the autumn colors in Söderåsen National Park
  • Go on a snowmobile adventure in the southern Lapland mountains
  • Sail in the Stockholm archipelago
  • Climb among the rocks at Kullaberg
  • Cycling by Göta Kanal
  • Visit the pearl of the High Coast, Ulvön
Kullens lighthouse at sunset


  1. Reserve a table  It is almost impossible to get a table at popular restaurants in tourist-dense areas in Sweden. Book well in advance if you want to secure your place. Applies especially in Österlen and in Stockholm.
  2. Clever to book extra beds  It can be difficult to book hotel rooms with an extra bed on the hotels' websites. Book cancellable and call the hotel, and it usually works out.
  3. Book train tickets well in advance  Trains are popular and during school holidays and weekends tickets can sell out quickly. Book well in advance and keep in mind that there are several operators that serve the most popular routes.
  4. Bring clothes for all weathers  Regardless of the season or place in Sweden, the weather is a big talking point. Be prepared for rain, debris. wind and tropical heat. The year in principle.
  5. Cash isn't king, but Swish is  Shopping in a country farm shop these days isn't about carrying cash. Make sure you have Swish installed on your phone and have a bank card in reserve for iZettle. I haven't used cash in years.
Haväng - Skåne



Velamsund nature reserve in winter - Nacka

A hazy January day offered a beautiful Sunday walk in the Velamsund nature reserve in Nacka. A place not only for hiking, but also for skating, skiing, swimming and horse riding.


30 Christmas markets around Stockholm (2022)

In Stockholm you will find plenty of cozy Christmas markets that make the Christmas feeling increase by at least 100%. Here's the Christmas markets I have found for 2022. Have I missed any?


Helsingborg - 7 nice restaurants, cafes and bars

Helsingborg is one of Sweden's most restaurant-dense cities and the city has plenty of really good places for the whole family! Here are my seven favorites for a nice hangout – everything from microbreweries to French bistros and coffee spots.


4 castles (and some huts) around Kristianstad

Skåne is Sweden's most castle-dense landscape, and castle towers can be seen on the horizon almost as often as church towers. Around Kristianstad in eastern Scania, we have visited four castles and the occasional "hut".

Sunset over Arild

Arild – The steep little fishing village on Kullen

There Skäldervikens waves roll in over Kullahalvöns northern coast is nature at its wildest and most beautiful. Here lies the small fishing village of Arild, named one of Europe's secret gems. And I can't help but agree.

The garden at Flickorna Lundgren at Skäret

Cozy cafes in Scania – 11 favorites (2022)

Among Skåne's rape fields and beech forests, you will find plenty of cozy cafes, ice cream kiosks and lunch spots. Here are 12 of my favourites, from all corners of Skåne.


Farm shops in Kullabygden - 12 favorites around Höganäs

In Kullabygden in northwestern Scania, there are plenty of farm shops selling locally grown vegetables, fruit and their products. Here you will find my favorites among apple cider, sea buckthorn, asparagus and much, much more.

La Ragazza Restaurant in the Old Town

La Ragazza – Over-hedonistic tasting menu with a hint of hip-hop

When La Ragazza invites you to dance with the taste buds, all you have to do is follow along with all the twists and turns of the tasting menu! If this were the Let's dance of the food world, nothing short of the highest score would have been good enough. Because this is really good.

Ales stones on Österlen in Skåne

Sights in Österlen - 15 great tips and favourites

Österlen may be a tiny little part of south-eastern Skåne, but there are plenty of sights there! Everything from historic castles to national parks and tropical white beaches - there are plenty of things to see and do here for the whole family. Here are my 15 favorites!

Dramatic views of the sea and cliffs at Skälderviken

Josefinelust - Discover Kullaberg's finest beach mole

Kullaberg's northern coast is Kullahalvöns dramatic side. Here you are met by steep cliffs and hilly terrain that has met Skälder over the yearsvikens sculpting waves. Almost at the end of the Kullaberg nature reserve, you will find Josefinelust, an enchantingly beautiful pebble beach surrounded by turquoise sea and steep cliffs.

Girl looks out over the sea and Nimis

Visit Nimis on Kullaberg – The place that is not on the map

Nimis on Kullaberg is something as strange as a controversial black building, a work of art in a nature reserve and a life-threatening climbing position - all at once. Visit at your own risk with good shoes and a big pinch of caution, but be prepared to be surprised and delighted!

The blanket beach

Sights in Åhus - My 10 favourites

In northeastern Scania, Åhus is located on the white beaches of Hanö Bay. Bordered by the Kingdom of Water and filled with sights, history, nature experiences and wonderful eateries. Tune in to my ten favorites!

The priest's bathtub

The priest's bathtub – Sand volcano in Österlen

Just outside the fishing village of Vik in Österlen, lies a unique natural phenomenon. The priest's bathtub. Remains of an ancient sand volcano. A volcano? In Scania? And how hard should it really be to find a volcano?

The dune landscape at Äspet

The aspen around the Skåneleden SL6

One of Skåneleden's newest sections SL6 starts in Åhus and goes through the Äspet nature reserve. A stretch that offers both rugged sand dunes and enticing sea bathing.


Eating and coffee in Åhus - Five tips for food lovers

Åhus is a popular seaside resort during the summer, but the city is at least as interesting for a cozy weekend trip with good food all year round. Here are five really good tips!

// Press trip in collaboration with Visit Kristianstad//

Hollyhocks among Scania farms in Lund

Lund - 5 favorites to see and do

The student city. One of Sweden's oldest cities. City of Roses. The cycling city. After a week in Lund, I can probably also add "One of Sweden's most beautiful cities" to the list. For Lund – that's nice!

Road with trees by Ivöthe lake

The hop loop around Ivöthe lake

Just north of Kristianstad is Skåne's largest lake Ivöthe lake. We set out on a journey of discovery along the 5 mile long road "Humleslingan" and discovered apple orchards, lovely nature, good food and lots of history.


Farm shops in Österlen - 11 favourites

One thing I love about Österlen is the many farm shops. Everything from chocolate pralines to flowers, applesauce to mustard. Here are my eleven favorites!

Söderåsen's South Söderåsen's National Park in Höstskruderåsen's National Park in Höstskruderåsen's National Park

Söderåsen National Park – Hiking in a golden gorge

Perhaps it was always meant that we would meet Söderåsen National Park for the first time this fall. When the park showed itself from its most beautiful side. Our visit was a truly memorable walk through golden book halls and a moss-covered fire-colored ravine.


Autumn holidays at Österlen

A last-minute trip to Österlen? Yes, it was actually a lovely (but unplanned) autumn holiday in Sweden's Provence!

Bäckaskog castle

Bäckaskog castle - Where the angels sang the loudest

It is said that the Bäckaskog monastery was built "where the angels sang the loudest". We took an autumn walk in the castle park to not only catch the 800-year winds of history - but maybe even see a ghost or two...


Hike Slåttdalsskrevan – Skuleskogen's most dramatic side

In the middle of the Skuleskogen National Park is one of Sweden's coolest nature experiences - Slåttdalsskrevan. 200 meters long, 30 meters deep and 7 meters wide. Today a mountain, in the past part of the sea. The High Coast is the result of thousands of years of unique land elevation, weather and wilderness.


Kullaberg Nature Reserve – Scania's wildest side

In northwestern Scania are the wild and beautiful Kullaberg. Here in the nature reserve, you will not only find rocks that look like they are on the High Coast, but also the occasional porpoise.

Bearest berry

Time for the Aptitrundan again - Spring edition

Yesterday we went around among Södermanland's farms on Aptitrundan and shopped for organic, organic and locally produced products. Everything tastes so much better when you buy from the source!

Eel fishing in Skåne

The eels outside Åhus

My visit to Tvillingaboden south of Åhus offered not only a perfect beach, but also a lesson in the history of eel fishing.


Weekend in Kristianstad

This weekend I went on a press trip with Kristianstad municipality and got to discover several of the municipality's gems.

Christmas in Umeå

A magical winter Umeå

Oil pastel shimmering skies. A sunrise that turns into sunset before you have time to blink. Umeå really offered its most beautiful winter scenery when we took a Christmas walk this year.


Skanör - Sweden's answer to Florida

Skanör - these white, shallow beaches with the little pastel-colored beach huts! It's almost like a Florida beach, complete with lifeguard houses!


Utö - hike around the north island

Last Sunday we were on Utö and hiked in the summer heat among the blue sea of ​​Greece and a huge amount of blueberry rice.

Sand Harbor

Sandhamn - day trip to beaches and cliffs

Today we went m/s Tärnan out to Sandhamn for a fantastic day among Sandön's cliffs and sandy beaches. Summer heat, sun and almost no tourists - the archipelago at its very best, quite simply!

Coffee day at Österlen

A photo journey through an autumnal Österlen

When Österlen unwinds and recharges after the onslaught of summer, Skåne shows itself from its most beautiful side. Here, among mist-shrouded fields and spring green meadows, we drove around and caught the November light.


Excursion route from Södertälje to Nyköping

It's really unbelievable what a beautiful country we live in! It's easy to forget to tour your own hometown, so we really try to make sure we don't miss out on our local little wonders. First up is the Utflyktsvägen from Södertälje to Nyköping – a route we often travel on our way to Stendörrens National Park.

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