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If there is one thing that I have learned in the last two years, it is that there is much more to see in Sweden than I ever thought before. We Swedes find it so easy to diminish experiences in Sweden, as if they are not as "nice" as things you experience abroad.

I have far from visited all parts of Sweden, but I have seen many landscapes and cities. And I can say one thing. We should be damn proud of our country. About the public right. About our history. Over our nature. About our sustainability thinking. And over all our fantastic entrepreneurs who elevate Sweden as a tourist nation. Sweden is fantastic. And that's it.

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10 things you shouldn't miss

1. Visit a winery at Kullahalvön in Scania
2. Wander in The school forest
3. Explore Stockholm metropolitan jungle
4. Sunbathe on a cliff on West coast
5. Visit a spice farm at Österlen
6. Experience the autumn colors in Söderåsen National Park
7. Ride on scooter adventure in the Lapland mountains
8. Go boating along Göta Canal
9. Visit the pearl of the High Coast Wolf Island
10. Cycle around Fri in the summer sun

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