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5 board games that will take you on a journey

Besides I love to travel, I'm also a real passionate gamer of all kinds of board games and computer games. These days when I'm neither planning my next trip nor on the go, the games get to take me on a trip instead. Here are my best tips on five board games/card games that will take you to five different countries. And as a bonus, I'll also take you to the best computer game for you with travel withdrawal - a game that you can also play with friends remotely.

1. SPAIN – Alhambra

You are in Spain, year 1278. World Heritage Alhambra will start construction and in this game you will build your own palace. How you build your palace with colors and walls gives you different points. A round basically consists of buying building tiles, planning your construction and building your Alhambra. The game is quick to learn and a round takes a maximum of an hour to play once you understand the rules.

Number of players: 2-6
Age: 8+ years
Playing time: 60 -70 minutes


2. PORTUGAL – Azul

When King Manuel I of Portugal visited the Alhambra, he was completely enamored with the palace's beautiful tiles. In the game Azul will you decorate the king's own palace in Portugal with equally beautiful tiles. Fill your tray with tiles of the same color to fill the pattern rows. A fast and exciting game that is an advanced "bingo" with fantastically fine playing tiles that almost feel like pieces of candy. One of my favorite games - tiling is great fun - for all ages!

Number of players: 2-4
Age: 8+ years
Playing time: 60 -70 minutes

3. PUERTO RICO – Puerto Rico

Welcome to Puerto Rico! In the 16th century Caribbean, you will build Puerto Rico's new golden age. The game is played in 15 rounds/year and consists of collecting winning points by succeeding in developing the island the most. In each round you take on a new role – from settlers to gold diggers and mayors. Each role gives an advantage, so it's important to choose the right role for how you plan to develop the island. Grow crops, build factories and trade buildings and settle the colony. This is a strategically complex, but very fun game! Expect it to take some time to play!

Number of players: 2-5
Age: 12+ years
Playing time: 60 -70 minutes

4. JAPAN – Honshu

In the game Honshu You are a nobleman in Japan, who will build your wealth by developing and expanding your own province. The province is expanded through province cards, which are ingeniously placed partly on or under other cards. When 12 rounds have passed, you count up how big forests, cities, lakes, factories and fields you have built up. A fast and portable game that, however, requires a stable table to be able to build its province cards.

Number of players: 2-5
Age: 8+ years
Playing time: 30 min

Honshu (note I won the last round 🙂 )

5. FRANCE – Carcassonne

Carcassonne is the game about the French city with the many towers. A classic game that was one of the first board games I started playing many years ago. The city's location in the south of France has throughout the years been strategic for trade and has led to many dramatic invasions. In the game, you have to build connected cities with surrounding roads, farms, churches and villages from tiles. A very simple game (should be 7+ years old if I had to decide) with many expansion packs, which can however become quite clever if played with the right company!

Number of players: 2-5
Age: 10+ years
Playing time: 30 min

Bonus: The Whole World - World of Warcraft

Although I love board games, there is no board game that can take you to so many different countries and worlds like the computer game World of Warcraft (WoW). Despite being more than 15 years old, the game offers a fantastic world where there is everything from paradise beaches to Asian temples and snow-capped mountains. A virtual world without closed borders and with great music. A world that I don't have to "play", but can just fly around and experience. In particular, I want to highlight the area of ​​Pandaria, which takes you to the most beautiful of Asian landscapes with temples, palm trees, cherry blossoms, dragons and waterfalls. If you are familiar with Tolkien's world, you will recognize yourself in this world, where dwarves, elves, wizards and orcs live.

WoW is played online and can be advantageously played with family and friends via voice chat. A way to travel together and be social during this time of social distancing.

Number of players: Infinite
Age: 12+ years
Playing time: As long as you want, whenever you want

My hammock on my paradise beach in Tanaris
Playing in Pandaria gives a lovely Asian feeling

What is your favorite board game?

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  • Maya Nordlund
    3 April, 2020 at 18: 25

    Thank you for the advice! These games are all new to me (except WoW) and as a strategic board game lover I will definitely be getting some (or maybe all) of these! 😀

    • Eva Gyllenberg
      19 April, 2020 at 21: 08

      There are so many good games with a travel theme, I think the hard part is always deciding which game to buy! Have you been to Alphaspel by the way? A game lover's dream!

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