Photo album from Melbourne - Australia

Hip, lovely, hot and wonderful Melbourne! So much good food, so many outdoor seating, so much beautiful street art! In Melbourne, the restaurants display gluten-free menus and the coffee gets soya or almond milk out of the blue. You can always fix a children's portion and if you get tired of city life, the beach is just a tram ride away. Here you will find lots of small and charming alleys with cafes where the cakes overflow with goodies and the teacups clink.

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Early morning over the Yarra River
Street Art Melbourne
Christmas decorations in 30 degree heat in Melbourne
Street musician in Melbourne
Melbourne Street Art
Hotel Crown Metropol
Narrow lanes, lots of charm in Melbourne
Street Art Melbourne
Breakfast at Crown Metropol
Street Art Melbourne
Good morning Melbourne!
Meatballs - Coolest restaurant and wine bar in Melbourne
Street Art Melbourne
Pool with a view at Crown Metropol
Old British habits - afternoon tea with lots of delicious cakes
The Walk Arcade Melbourne is a great place to shop
AC/DC Lane - Street Art Melbourne


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