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Tuscany surprises behind every corner of the road. So verdant, so undulating and so incredibly beautiful. Here among some of the world's most famous historic cities, it is easy to enjoy life, wine, cheese and art.

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Girl looks down into well in the square of Montepulciano

Montepulciano – Slopes, lanes and Vino Nobile

In Tuscany's highest town, Montepulciano, one of Tuscany's best wines - "The noble wine" - Vino Nobile is produced. Here, among Renaissance palaces, cypress alleys and cobbled streets, it's easy to enjoy a little extra of Italy's beauty.

Florence Italy

Photo album from Florence

One of the world's most beautiful cities deserves to be shown off with a few more pictures. Food markets and courtyards, gardens and viewpoints. Here comes a photo bonanza of 40 photos from one of the world's most beautiful cities.

Florence - Italy

Sights in Florence - My top 10 favourites

Florence is one of Italy's most popular cities and there are many sights to see. Here are my ten favorites – which actually turned out to be largely edible!

CDH Radda in Chianti

Hotel review: CDH Hotel Radda, Tuscany

It is not entirely easy to find the right accommodation in Tuscany, the villages are many and the hotels are small. We stayed at the CDH Hotel Radda, a surprisingly affordable hotel in the middle of Tuscany!


Val d'Orcia – Among Tuscany's most beautiful landscapes

I am in a classic Italian Renaissance painting. Val d'Orcia is the world heritage site where Tuscany's most beautiful landscapes come together. We drove from Siena to Montepulciano and found here the Italy we dreamed of.

Pisa - Italy

Pisa - Or a post about overtourism and travel disappointment

Traveling should be exciting, inspiring and provide lifelong memories, but what if your destination instead turns into a disgusting soup of over-tourism and all you want to do is leave? That's what happened to me in Pisa last spring.