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Autumn holidays in Stockholm 2023 – 15 exciting tips

Autumn holidays in Stockholm 2023 – 15 exciting tips

  • Autumn holidays in Stockholm offer both scary and fun things for all ages. Here are 15 tips on everything from museums to restaurants.
Autumn holidays at the Medieval Museum

Stockholm is a perfect city to spend the autumn holidays in, and the whole city invites you to a mix of culture and Halloween celebrations. Here are the places that I found that do something extra during the autumn holidays or that are just a little scary or fun.

1. The time machine at the Nordic Museum

The Nordic Museum takes you through a time machine in the evening activity "Night at the museum" and through a magical portal to the exhibition about children from 1870 to now. You can also paint your own monster. Don't forget to buy a ticket in advance.
The Nordic Museum

2. Monsters and ghosts at Gröna Lund

Gröna Lund has brought out all the cobwebs and all the ghosts from their hiding places and offers a really scary Halloween theme. Stay in the children's section if you don't want to be scared!
Green Lund

3. Greet the horses at the Royal Stables

Come and say hello to the king's kind and beautiful horses, do crafts, have coffee and go for a guided walk.
Royal court stables

4. Spa experience at Yasuragi

During the autumn holidays, the Japanese spa opens its doors to everyone over the age of 11, so enjoy the beautiful bath until you wrinkle like a raisin.
Yasuragi kids

5. Dia de Muertos at the Ethnographic Museum

Here we have hung many autumn holidays and made delicious pink glitter skeletons under the Ethnographic Museum's Mexican Dia de Muertos theme. Tickets need to be booked in advance.
The Ethnographic Museum

6. Japanese arcade extra everything at Hey Sthlm

Did you know that there is a really cool Japanese arcade in Stockholm? Here you'll find games that you otherwise only see in Japan, so buy yourself a lot of tokens and prepare for a lot of laughs. Open for minors Saturday+Sunday 16-18.
Hey Sthlm

7. Ghost walk in the Old Town

When darkness has fallen over the Old Town, the ghost walk begins among the narrow little alleys and backyards. A popular guided tour all year round. From 7 years.
Stockholm Ghost Walk

8. Become an explorer at the Mediterranean Museum

Here among the mummies, you can learn to write and decipher hieroglyphs, so you can become a real Indiana Jones!
The Mediterranean Museum

9. Learn all about samurai at the East Asian Museum

Craft your own samurai in beautiful Japanese paper, or attend a family screening to learn all about samurai and their swords.
East Asian Museum

10. Hallwylska Palace is haunted

The old palace is haunted! Go on a scary show in one of Stockholm's coolest private palaces. From 8 years. Book tickets in advance!
Hallwylska Palace

11. Mystery and creepiness at Skansen

At Skansen, mystery walks, eerie stories and scary crafts are offered.

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12. Find the treasure at the Royal Castle

Go treasure hunting in the museum and search for Gustav Vasa's lost gold coins.
the Royal Palace

13. Eat among pirates at Lasse in the street

Ship oops! Visit Sweden's only pirate restaurant where the staff dress in period pirate clothes and the interior takes you to an old pirate ship.
Lasse in the street

14. Cos play and games at Comic Con

For slightly older children who appreciate superheroes and computer games, the large trade fair Comic Con is a given destination. Dress up as your favorite character, meet your favorite creators and discover new board games. November 3-5.
Comic Con Stockholm

15. Try on the cool costumes at the Royal Opera House

Go on a guided tour during the autumn holidays and get a chance to try on the opera's delicious costumes! Don't forget to pre-book your ticket.
The opera

What are you going to come up with during the autumn holidays? Will it be something exciting or scary for you?

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