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Home again from Vietnam, Singapore and Dubai!

Home again from Vietnam, Singapore and Dubai!

The bags are soon unpacked here on the balcony and the Stockholm evening has that chilly tone that only a summer evening in Sweden can offer. The berry bushes and apple tree seem to have had a good time in our absence. I wonder if I actually water them too often when I'm home. Maybe they needed a little vacation too. Just returned from a lovely long trip to Asia Hoi An/Hue in Vietnam, Singapore and Dubai is it good to stop a bit and reflect on all the experiences and impressions we have been through. There will definitely be a lot of Vietnam on the blog over the next few weeks, as the bulk of the trip was spent there, but I also have some updates on my old favorites Singapore and Dubai. A small top five list of the most recent trip is perhaps in order?

Biggest crush

Sure, I had read about Hoi An's beauty and charm, but I didn't think I would fall in love with the city as much as I did. The old town's small car-free streets and painted houses are illuminated by thousands of silk lamps in all the colors of the rainbow and this teems with strolling people and the scents of large bundles of fresh spices. What a little gem!

Biggest surprise

We didn't meet a single Swedish tourist in Hoi An! Lots of Vietnamese and South Korean tourists and also the occasional Australian and American come here, but very few Scandinavians.

Greatest relaxation

We had booked a new hotel in Dubai – Jumeirah Zabeel Saray – with the whole shebang. So during the days we were here, we did nothing but be looked after, ate, slept, bathed and ate. The best cure to quickly get into the holiday mood and cure holiday migraines! Can I move in?

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Biggest I-should-have-understood-that

That it would be hot in Dubai during the summer was no surprise. With a heat index of 44 degrees, there will be a lot of bathing and shade. But that it would be Samma heat index in Hoi An as in Dubai I had not expected! Humid like in Thailand, but 10 degrees warmer and bright sun every day. Once we got to Singapore after almost 3 weeks of heat, we thought absurdly that it felt a bit cool….

Greatest taste experience

The freshness, the variety, the strength and the copious amounts of fresh spices - I loved Vietnamese food before I came here and love it even more now! Now I just need to learn how to wet rice paper the right way, and there will be fresh spring rolls for everyone who stops by!

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