Hike Kullaleden SL5 – Family hike along Kullaberg's steep cliffs

The Kullaleden hiking trail is part of the Skåneleden section SL 5 around Kullahalvön in northwestern Scania. The well-maintained paths run along Kullahalvöns beaches, from Helsingborg to Kullens lighthouse and then to Utvälinge on the edge of Ängelholm. 70 kilometers of hilly terrain, beaches, cliffs and dramatic views. For those who want to experience some of the best parts of the route, there is the option of doing one shorter round trip of around 3 kilometres at the far end of the Kullaberg nature reserve. Perfect as a family hike with a coffee break or for those who have limited time.

Kullens lighthouse on a cliff in the distance, overlooking the sea you see when you walk on the Kullaleden.
Sunset over Kullens rocks from a hike on Kullaberg

Where does the tour start?

As it is a circular walk, you can choose between parking the car at the far end of the headland at Kullaberg nature reserve's parking lot, alternatively that you park the car at Mölle golf club and Kullagården Wärdshus. We usually start the hike at the Kullaberg parking lot, where there are the most parking spaces.

Kullaleden from the lighthouse and nature room

Kullaberg lighthouse is Sweden's highest lighthouse, which is perhaps a little unexpected in the otherwise flat Scania. The lighthouse shows the way for all ships passing through the Öresund towards the open sea on the Kattegatt.

Before you wander away from the lighthouse, pay a visit to the nature reserve nature room. Here you can learn a lot about the nature reserve's flora and fauna through exhibitions and several aquariums.

Wild honeysuckle at Kullaberg

If you don't want to start the hike right away, take a walk down to the cliffs at the base of the four. There you will find it small lighthouse Kullaberg west, several caves and a birdwatching terrace.

Hiking trail through bramble rice and with a cliff in the background

The lighthouse to Kulle mosse

We do the hike counter-clockwise and walk from the lighthouse towards Kulla mosse on it red line. The hiking trail does not start directly at the foot of the lighthouse, but at the ice cream kiosk/café just before you reach the lighthouse from the parking lot.


The trail goes on a height and the view of Denmark and the sea meets you after only a few hundred meters. The vegetation flourishes here in the summers, when the wild honeysuckle spreads its wonderful scent over the expanses and the spiky branches of blackberries grow close to the edge of the path. But every season has its charm. During autumn, the landscape is framed in a fiery red blanket of autumn leaves.

Steep descent to a cave by a beach at Kullaberg

The first stop on the hike is at Lahibia Cave, which is below Kullens steep cliff walls. The way down to the cave is steep, but there is a rope to hold on to. If you venture down, you will be greeted by a cave that has probably been inhabited since the Stone Age.

Lahibia Cave
Turquoise sea at a rocky beach in Skåne

There are steep cliffs towards the sea and both dogs and children need to be supervised. Other things to look out for on this stretch are porpoises and tuna.

Porpoises are small whales that thrive in the surrounding waters Kullahalvön. They can be hard to see if there are waves on the water, but a rule of thumb is to look for seagulls. Where the seagulls are, there are often also porpoises. To really get close to these awesome animals, a porpoise safari with a RIB is recommended The Kullaberg guides.

Open sea with dramatic sky in Öresund

The tuna is a relatively new acquaintance in these areas, but during the summer of 2023 there were over 200 large tuna in the Öresund. A tuna can weigh up to half a ton, so you can see a jumping tuna from a long distance.

Couple with dog having picnic by the sea on a steep cliff
Flowering rocks by the sea

Through paddocks with a view

The hiking trail now leaves the lighthouse area and goes up a hill through cow and sheep paddocks. When you think the view of the landscape can't get any better, it becomes even more impressive.

If you are hiking with a dog, it is especially important that the dog is on a leash and that you keep your distance from the grazing animals. We usually carry our dog through the paddocks, but that doesn't usually stop curious sheep from getting close.

Steep hiking trail down a hill with the sea in the background
Sheep in the shade of two trees on a hill
Sheep in the sun on a hill by the sea

After the open landscape, the path begins to narrow and passes through a wooded area. Here the walk is flatter, but there are several viewpoints along the path that give you views all the way to the sea on the other side of the peninsula. The most famous viewpoints Big Bear and Dose.

Hiking trail with roots
Girl walks in a forest of autumn colors
House by the golf course with the sea in the background

The last section on the southern side runs on a high plateau with views over the Sound of Öresund and Mölle. Where the view is at its finest over Mölle, there is a perfect place to take out the thermos with coffee.

Cliffs and sea in sunshine

For those of you who want to go on the shorter family hike, it's time to turn off on it yellow cross trail just before you arrive at Mölle golf club. Here at the golf club you will find a really nice inn - Kullagården Inn - which serves today's lunch every day of the week during high season.

Skåne längar by a green lawn

Back towards the lighthouse via Ablahamn

Cross the main road up towards the lighthouse, and you will find the continuation of the SL5 on the other side of the car park - now on the blue trail. It's time to turn back towards the top of the peninsula again.

For those of you who have a little more energy in your legs, I recommend that you first take a small detour down to the beautiful mall Ablahamn. Here you will find a beautiful pebble beach surrounded by steep cliffs. The clear water here makes the place popular among bathers as well as among snorkelers and divers.


North road towards the lighthouse

The northern path back to the lighthouse goes exclusively through forest and unlike the southern side hike so the proximity to the sea is barely perceptible. But instead of sea views, the north side invites you into a hall of large deciduous trees, a stretch that is unimaginably beautiful during the autumn color explosion.

Completely orange forest with leaves both on the trees and on the ground
Pink flowers at Kullens lighthouse

The stretch on the north side is much faster to hike than the south side and soon you will arrive at Kullaberg's large parking lot again. Hopefully with lots of beautiful views in the memory and a good lunch in the stomach.

Haven't you had coffee yet? Don't worry, there is an ice cream kiosk and a cozy cafe with waffles right below the lighthouse!

There is a very good one brochure about Kullaberg with map from the County Administrative Board. Download it to your mobile before you head out! The transverse trails are marked in yellow.

Person standing at the edge of the cliff at the gift

A slightly longer tour

For those of you who come to Mölle golf club and feel that you are not at all ready to turn around, you continue the walk towards Mölle until you come to the wonderful restaurant and café Ransvik's sea veranda. Here you turn off onto the cross path towards Josefinelust and then hikes back to the lighthouse. If you haven't had coffee yet, I recommend Ransvik's sinfully good rolled cake pastry with cream and berries before you trudge on. The round trip will then be approximately twice as long (6-7 km) as the shorter family hike.

Sailboat on the sea at a rocky coast


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