Gunnes gård – A Viking village in Upplands Väsby – Stockholm

Last weekend we visited a little secret historical gem in Upplands Väsby. Such a gem that I'm not sure wants more attention, but is happy to continue in its small scale.

Gunnes Gård is an open-air museum with a reconstruction of a Viking farm from the 11th century. Here you will learn about how people lived during the Early Iron Age through the knowledgeable guides who work here. A really good excursion destination for families with children who like animals, history and discovering new things.

It scents delicious from the open fire. Today nettle soup is cooked and rye bread is baked. For 20 kronor you get to bake your own bread and then eat it warm with honey and butter. Very popular with all visitors, as there is no cafe on the farm.

Gunnes Gård - Viking village
Gunnes Gård - Viking village
Nettle soup

The name "Gunne's farm" comes from one of the tombstones found in the area. It says "Vibjörn had the stone carved after Gunne's daughter, his wife". Although there are plenty of ancient remains in the area, no farm has been found exactly at this location. The farm is therefore a reconstruction of what a Viking farm is believed to have looked like during the Late Iron Age.

Gunnes Gård - Viking village
Gunne's farm is a reconstruction of a farm from the Late Iron Age

There are plenty of animals on the farm. The rooster struts around with his hens among the visitors, the pigs fart in the soil and the cows keep the grass in check. Often there are also sheep on the farm. The children can go into the cows in the paddock and the pigs are happy to come and say hello. It is cozy and small-scale and very nicely organized.

Gunnes Gård - Viking village
Gunnes Gård - Viking village

Two women in period clothing sit by the open fire and make needlepoint stockings. It becomes incredibly elastic and tight and the only thing she uses is a large needle. In fact, no crochet hooks have ever been found from the Viking Age, but everything was created with needle binding. A big difference between knitting and needle binding is that you work with short threads that are then felted together during needle binding. One of the women has a large and beautiful shawl that she made using this technique, it must have taken several hours to create.

Gunnes Gård - Viking village

You can of course also go into the farms and see how people lived in the Viking Age. It is dark in the houses, just like it was in Viking times. Inside the houses are beds, furniture, plates and clothes. It feels very cozy.

On Gunne's farm there is also a small shop, where you can buy handicrafts and jewellery. Many of the pieces of jewelry are copies of ancient remains that have been found in Upplands Väsby and which can only be bought at Gunnes Gård.

Gunnes Gård - Viking village

So, what was the overall family rating?

Small-scale, cozy and well-made. Gunnes gård is well worth a visit for those who like history! That it is also free entry, maybe makes it even a little more interesting!

Gunnes Gård
Ryttargatan 270
194 71 Upplands Väsby

Gunne's farm
Gunnes Gård - Viking village
Gunnes Gård - Viking village
Gunnes Gård - Viking village

Some pictures from previous visits

Gunne's farm
Yarn dyeing

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