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Travel thoughts for 2018

Travel thoughts for 2018

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2017 is not over yet, but already now the thoughts are starting to fly around in the head about what adventures and destinations will attract next year. If you have a few flight points to use, it is always good to have a plan in good time. It's really quite stupid to have the whole trip planned when it turns out in the end that there are no bonus flights on the planned bonus route (happened to us this summer...) But which places are attractive and feel fresh for 2018? On my list for 2018 there are both new upstarts and actually some old favorites as well. Since then, unfortunately, some potential destinations have fallen away due to political instability and increasing insecurity. 

The list is completely in unsorted order, although it is written based on what popped into my head first. After all, there is time to run a lot of water under the bridges before it is 2018...

Which destinations are the hottest? from list for next year?


A few years ago we went on the world's best family vacation at a ranch in Arizona, a vacation filled with cowboy hats, horseback riding, good food, and the occasional cactus drink. After some googling I have found several other "dude ranches" in Texas that look really nice. Then I think you add some state parks / national parks nearby, pet some Texas longhorns and eat BBQ at outdoor restaurants in Austin. A little big city, a little adventure and a little swimming. The dollar also seems to be on the way down, so this is definitely a candidate.


Now it's almost 2 years since we were in Singapore last, way way too long ago! I almost feel like renting an apartment and staying in the city a little longer than usual. Most of the time, it will be a maximum of a week in Singapore before flying off to another nearby destination. Maybe it's time to have Singapore as your main destination? 

 Costa Rica

We were on our way to Costa Rica a few years ago, but the airline we had booked with got into financial difficulties and we then took the chance to rebook the flight to another company and another destination. Is it perhaps time to think about Costa Rica again? The guidebook from Lonely Planet remains on the bookshelf, waiting.


The more I go to Australia, the more I want to go back. Now it has happened 4 times in 5 years. Could it be time to drive Darwin to Perth and hit the deserted roads of the west coast? Or explore wild Tasmania? Or take the train to Ayers Rock on the Ghan? We are definitely not done with Australia yet!

Nova Scotia and Newfoundland

I can't remember all the times we've been to Halifax in June, but every time we've regretted it. I even think I have a complete itinerary with hotels and everything sitting on my hard drive. This is not a place you go to for warmth, so maybe you need to combine it with a warm destination to ensure that you get a little "summer feeling"?

Scotland / Wales / England

How come I always end up in London when we go to the UK? Is it time to rent a car and go on a tour around mansions, garden gnomes and pubs? It's just over 60 miles from London to Edinburgh, so it could be a great road trip! A lot to see on a "small" surface - best combo! Snowdonia is high on the list, as are all the filming locations for Harry Potter.

Alaska from Vancouver

We have talked several times about flying to Vancouver and then driving all the way up to Anchorage, past glaciers and vast wildernesses. What an adventure! But if it's only 60 miles between London and Edinburgh, so be it 360 mil between Vancouver and Anchorage. Straight track without stopping. So it's probably closer to 500 miles before you get there. A bit of a challenge with children in the car.

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Eva at Svabesholm

to Iceland

Drive around Iceland in a 4WD in the summer sun that never sets. Sounds like a dream to us adults. Not quite sure I'll bring the younger part of the family, although I'll throw in some Icelandic horses and whale watching. But it might be worth a try!


A few years ago, I NEVER thought that Thailand would appear on my list of potential travel destinations again, but after a break of almost 15 years, it turns out that Thailand has changed. Sometimes for the worse, but very often for the better. Few places have such amazing and affordable 5-star hotels as Thailand. It's just a matter of letting go of the destination snobbery and giving up - the whole family thinks Thailand is wonderful!

Faroe Islands / Shetland Islands

I admit. I watch a lot of TV series. Hence these two island groups are on the list. A week of photographing these bare landscapes would be good for the soul. Really. Mom.

Have you been here? What did you think of the destination?
Been there - didn't like it!
Not keen at all to go here!
I want to go here!
Been here and loved it!
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