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Hotel Review: Four Seasons Las Vegas, USA

In the noisy, loud and wild Las Vegas there is an oasis for families. Four Seasons Las Vegas located on the Strip's southern tip, on the top floors of Mandalay Bay. Las Vegas may not be the first place that comes to mind for a family vacation, but with hotels like the Four Seasons, you don't need other options for a vacation.

The hotel claims to be child-friendly, which is not an exaggeration! As soon as little E shows up at check-in, she is met by a concierge who bends down to her height, hands her a Dalmatian stuffed animal and greets her. In the room, she is greeted by her name written in bath sponges, a giant chocolate cake with m&ms on a plate and her own raspberry-scented bath products. Already here she is completely sold! Add her own dressing gown and slippers and she was totally excited! The room is amazing, with floor to ceiling windows and a view of the Strip. Little E really loved standing and looking at all the lights and neon, tightly hugging the Dalmatian friend. It was too scary to stand so high up and look down on the city!

The Four Seasons is known for its beds and this hotel is no exception. I've probably never slept better. Egyptian cotton and perfectly fluffy pillows embrace you before you fall asleep in a fluffy cloud. Simply perfection! It is said that you can buy the beds if you talk to the concierge service. Next time I stay at the Four Season I will simply have to ask how an order works…

Although the hotel is located in Mandalay bay, it is a different world from the noisy casinos that most hotels offer. With your own entrance, your own elevators and no one-armed bandits, you and your family are comfortably protected against noise and smoke.

The pool area is only for Four Seasons guests, but if you stay at the Four Seasons you have access to the party pools at Mandalay if you want. But why would you want to leave the Four Seasons? There is a children's pool and a larger free-form pool. The pools are perfect and clean, you have constant maintenance, ice water is served in pitchers that are filled before you have time to react, you are served a taste test of smoothies and you get evian spray on your face during hot summer days. Here you get the towels taken out and laid out on the comfortable deckchairs and lunch is served on wooden trays with white linen napkins. There is simply no reason not to just stay here and enjoy. And don't worry about the pool being full of people. Here you don't "pax" chairs like on a charter in the Mediterranean. Everyone gets a seat. You, the single wives of men who came along on a business trip, some well-behaved families and some elderly couples brought their Kindles. The calm is wonderful.

Do not miss the lobby bar, the outdoor terrace with comfortable sofas by the pool is allowed for families, so you can have a glass of wine and enjoy the warm evening with the family.

So what will the family rating be? Nothing but awesome! The only thing that can be commented on is that the hotel is located at one end of the Strip, which means that there will be some walking. But at the same time, the location is quieter than the other hotels.

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