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Photo album from Tallinn - Estonia

Photo album from Tallinn - Estonia

  • Here comes a cascade of photos from our weekend in Tallinn. More precisely, 32 photos from the Old Town. With and without umbrella.

Even a rainy October weekend in Tallinn offers great photo opportunities. We wandered through the medieval old town in rain and shower, among sunbeams and gray clouds. And yet it doesn't feel like we had particularly bad weather when I look back at the pictures. We walked through small alleys, up to viewpoints, up the wall, down towers, into cafes and into churches. Tallinn is truly a perfect city for walking. A fairly small capital city. Should it rain too much when you're here, there's plenty of shopping and cafes to provide comfort and shelter. Well, I must say that Tallinn delivered more than expected. So close, yet so exotic.

Here is a cascade of pictures from our weekend. Specifically, 32 pictures. With and without umbrella. Do you want to see the pictures in a larger format? Just click on the image and you will be taken to a photo carousel in a larger format.

Do you want to read more about Tallinn? Look inside here.

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  • Oh, such incredibly beautiful pictures! Fun to see. I haven't been to Tallinn since 1993 and didn't take any photos then (was there with work). Unfortunately we didn't have much time there and I don't remember it being this nice. <3

    • Thank you Anna! ❤️ I was also there in the 90s and I hardly recognized myself either! Such a cozy capital, it really won't be 30 years until I go here again :)

    • Oh, hope you find a slot to go here! Is so simple and flexible, but gives so much coziness! I would have liked to go here to the Christmas market as well, but there isn't quite enough time :)

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