Finalist in Travel Inspirer of the Year, needs your help!

First of all - THOUSAND THANKS all of you who voted for me in round one of Apollo's travel blogger contest! I am so incredibly proud and happy that I can now tell you that I REACHED THE FINAL! If it hadn't been for all of you who follow my adventures and comment, give tips and cheer, I wouldn't have come this far! From the bottom of my heart - thank you!

But what does it mean that I have reached the final? Yes, now the votes are reset and THE VOTING STARTS AGAIN! The ten blogs in the final will be three in the coming week, then a jury will choose who will win a trip for two to Fuerteventura. There are many lovely blogs in the final in the three different categories, but of course I would be incredibly happy if you would vote for me in the final too! Just like in the previous voting, all you need is a click on "Eva Gyllenberg - Rucksack” in the list below, no registration required.

Vote for Rucksack in Apollo's travel blogger competition

In honor of the day, I offer a very unusual picture. A selfie of me in Florence a few weeks ago. I may love to blog, but I'm completely useless at selfies. Something to start working on now that I've reached the final, perhaps?

Thanks for your support! <3

About the blogger

Travel blogger, gastronaut, photographer and family adventurer with over 55 countries in his luggage. Eva loves trips that include beautiful nature, hiking boots and well-cooked food. On the travel blog Rucksack she takes you to all corners of the world with the help of her inspiring pictures and texts.

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