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Everglades National Park - Photo Album

Everglades National Park is America's largest subtropical wilderness. Here you will not only find alligators and crocodiles, but also the rare panther and fragile manatees.

We visited two different parts of the park and discovered nature both at sea and on foot. We encountered large numbers of resting alligators and even more birds, but no manatees or panthers. But we actually even encountered a rattlesnake in the toilet, so the nature experience can be considered complete.

Want to read more about the Everglades? Check out the National Park Service's official website Everglades site.

Everglades alligator
Everglades white ibis
Everglades alligator
Everglades bird
Everglades bird
Everglades bird
Rattlesnakes in the Everglades
Everglades bird
Everglades lizard
Birds of the Everglades
Everglades canoeist
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