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Autumn on Österlen - A photo trip - Skåne

Autumn on Österlen - A photo trip - Skåne

  • Between mist-shrouded fields and spring-green meadows, I and the camera met Österlen.
Coffee day on Österlen

To travel away, but still be at home. That's how Skåne feels to me. Every time I'm here, I'm amazed at how continental it feels with all the beech forests, half-timbered houses and farm cafes. Driving around Skåne is like going on a quick trip around the world. The steep cliffs with grazing sheep at Ales Stenar take me to the green coast of Ireland, the white stands at Sandhammeren take me to the fine-grained beaches of western Florida and the colorful beech forests in autumn colors take me to the south of England. Skåne's soul is really as far from my Norrland roots as I can get. We find an open farm cafe and settle down by a wood-burning stove. A small "coffee with bread" means a large plate full of four types of pastries. A full plate of enjoyment of life. Taking a "quick coffee" is an unknown word here Österlen.

Although the weather apps had shown a completely overcast day, Skåne offered us its most beautiful November sky. A bright horizon let through warming sunshine over the hazy spring green fields. Who said November is the most boring month of the year? November is rather the most beautiful month of the year in Skåne. A bit like the hills of Tuscany in the early morning light - but all day long. A large herd of deer graze calmly on the side of the road while a large wild boar boar walks with determined steps in the direction of a pile of sugar beets. Even the falcons circling the fields don't seem to care that we come to visit. Österlen seems to blow out after the summer onslaught. Unwind and recharge. Enough that I understand that Österlen is great in the summer, but I prefer to visit when the rest of you aren't here. Then I can pretend I've found an unknown vacation gem and keep the secret just to myself. 

Rosehips in autumn Scania
Spring green meadows in November
Autumn in the forest
Gofika on Österlen
What a shine for Ales Stenas
Roses in November
Autumn in the forest
On the way to Ales Stenar
Coffee day on Österlen
Ales Stenar
Foggy roads
Gölliga Knäbäckhusen
Paragliders at Ales Stenar
Little Chapel at Knäbäckshusen
Ivy in autumn foliage
No pressure on the outdoor seating Österlen in November
The sand hammer
Cyclist in avenue
The beach at Knäbäckshusen
Afternoon haze in November
The sand hammer
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    • Oh so fun! Looking forward to seeing your photos! Didn't feel like November at all - we sat by the sea and had lunch at Kåseberga among all the paragliders and sheep - imagine if all Novembers could be this lovely! :)

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