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Dream destinations (and plans) for next year

Dream destinations (and plans) for next year

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Some days I just need to sit and dream away. Be grateful for everything I've experienced and think about what I really appreciate when I travel. Most of the time I come back to a list of the same points. I appreciate destinations with beautiful nature and national parks, the freedom to move freely and safely, good food and historical sites. A list of properties that have remained stable over the past ten years. When I was younger, holidays in the sun attracted me, but these days I no longer feel any attraction to beaches and swimming. A tan lasts a maximum of two weeks - even if it is from the West Indies. Memories of a hiking holiday? They last a lifetime.

So, in what direction am I looking for next year's travels?

Already booked

Vilnius – Lithuania

I have experienced far too little of our three neighboring countries Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, so it is simply time to go to Lithuania. None of us in the family have been there before, which makes it a little extra lovely to experience winter together in the beautiful old town of Vilnius. I hope for many café visits with hot chocolate, lovely restaurants and exciting museums.


Actually, we should have gone to Malta already in August, but due to work we unfortunately had to cancel this trip. Now we're going to Malta this spring instead, hopefully to an island covered in pastel spring flowers and shorts-friendly early summer heat. The plan is to drive around and experience all the historical places on the island, but there could probably be an occasional picnic on a beach as well.

Dream destination for next year

It's funny how you can change from year to year. Last year I dreamed of Texas and Costa Rica, this year I don't dream about these destinations at all. Politics and the high dollar rate have dampened my longing. But who knows what the situation looks like next year?

Australia – Darwin / Tasmania / Queensland

Australia is (as you know) my big favorite. Tasmania and the national parks around Darwin are high on the list, but I also long so badly for northern Queensland.

South Korea

A hot candidate for next year's vacation is South Korea, although I think we're more likely to go back to Japan instead. However, both destinations are good choices now that our daughter is older and appreciates a little more daring food. I glance at Jeju and wonder if it is as nice as it looks in all the pictures.

The azores

Madeira was a real favorite and Portugal is generally a favorite country. I can only imagine how beautiful it must be in the Azores. Volcanoes, perfect climate, lots of hiking trails and hot springs. It feels like a destination that would suit me perfectly.

New Zealand's North Island

The longing to return to New Zealand is always there, but it is not entirely easy to go on a long holiday during the Swedish winter months anymore. Every year I sit and look at rain tables over Auckland and wonder if it is worth going to New Zealand during the Swedish summer. Maybe I'll stop wanting this year?


Scotland is always high on the list of summer travel destinations, but even here the amount of rain makes me hesitate every year. I know how boring it can be in the family when the holidays are rained out. Can someone promise me some sun? Then I book immediately! :)

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New Caledonia

Although I don't dream of beaches, I do dream of New Caledonia. What views, what sea, what nature! A bit difficult to get here, but not too far from Australia. Not completely unreasonable?

Canada – Nova Scotia / Newfoundland

The destination that has been on my list for 10 years. Soon it will probably be time to go to the beautiful windswept islands off the east coast of Canada. I envision beautiful driving, cute lighthouses, desolate nature and lobster lunches.

What are your dream trips next year? Do you have a favorite place that I should put on my dream list? PS: By the way, the picture is from the area around Mount Cook in New Zealand.

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  • I'm also so excited for Vilnius! And a little jealous that you have a trip to Malta to look forward to, really longing to go back there. Spring in Malta is wonderful! The Azores and Scotland are also high on my wish list, but as for Scotland, I also hesitate because of the rain. A little unsure about where next year's dream trip will go, right now it feels like it could be the Seychelles because I just saw a lot of nice pictures from there on Instagram. :-)

    • Seems like a lot of people like Malta, it will be fun to finally see the little island! Been reading your posts back and forth :)

      Yes, the Seychelles really do look beautiful! Have looked at it several times and am a little afraid that I will get tired after 5 days and want to see something more - doesn't it feel like the destination you drive around and discover for a few weeks? :)

  • Exciting! We like Malta (have been there three times). We also have some plans for Lithuania for next year, but not yet. Dream destination? Oh, there are so many ... Nova Scotia and Newfoundland I know some relation to. We were in Halifax a few years ago. My family (parents and brother) also lived in St Johns for a year before I was born, so I was always told about that place growing up...

    • But how have you been able to keep yourself from going to Nova Scotia? I had gone there straight away to see if all the stories I had heard over the years were really true! :) :)
      Glad you like Malta! I've had it on my radar for a long time, but it's so small that I forget about it when I'm sitting with Google maps and daydreaming. But finally - now is the time!

  • Also values ​​safety, risk of pickpockets I can accept but having to worry about being robbed or even worse kidnapped I don't want.
    One place I liked very much was the island of Penang in Malaysia. Enough because there were beaches, but the island was so much more than that. Georgetown offered historic buildings, street food and street art. There were beautiful temples as well as a beautiful national park. Maybe it would be on your dream list.

    • Safety is really important! I visited Penang many years ago as a backpacker, so it might be worth going there again soon. There wasn't much on the island when we were there apart from beaches and hostels, it's probably a bit more developed now! Thanks for the tip! :)

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