Danish falls nature reserve - Vattenfall and the Scanian war - Halland

The story of Danish falls already began over 300 years ago. The year was 1676 and the Scanian War between Denmark and Sweden was going on in full intensity in what is now Sweden's southernmost region. The Danes had quickly taken over almost all of Scania, but through protracted battles and devastating battles the Swedes fought on.

One of the major battles where the Swedes finally began to gain the upper hand was the Battle of Fylleån. When the Swedes went towards a victory, the majority of Danish soldiers fled into the woods. The Swedes were on their heels, however, and cut the ropes on a suspension bridge just as the Danes ran across, so the Danes fell into the water. Danish cases simply. A story on the border between reality and fiction.

Today, the Danska fall nature reserve is one of Halland's most popular nature reserves and the waterfalls are its biggest attraction. During the spring snow melt, the waterfalls put on a grand show to deafening tones. We visited the falls in late autumn and instead got the full autumn splendor of the beech forest.

Simple gravel road in autumn forest

We parked the car at the official parking lot at Danska fall, which is the easiest way to get to the waterfalls. On this perfectly normal autumn weekend, the parking lot was already relatively full when we arrived at lunchtime, so I can imagine that it can be difficult to get a parking space on a sunny spring day.

The road to the waterfalls is a simple gravel road that joins a forest path, a short distance of 2 km round trip. For those who want to experience the falls but hike a little further, this stretch is part of the Hallandsleden stage Gyltinge – Assman, a distance of 11km. There is also a slightly longer hiking trail of 2,3 km in the nature reserve, but we didn't have time to do it this day.

The deciduous forest we walk through consists mostly of beech and oak. An old and beautiful forest, with lots of moss, lichens and mushrooms. The birds take the opportunity to enjoy the late autumn sun rays and the pecking of a woodpecker follows us along the road. Otherwise it is very quiet and peaceful. At least until we approach the falls.

You quickly notice as you approach the falls, the sound gossiping about the forces hundreds of meters before the actual fall. It's an impressive waterfall that meets you on its way through the large rock tumbles. Ån Assman pushes the gas at the bottom and throws itself down a step-like precipice with many trickles and eddies.

Take a thermos of coffee with you and sit here and admire the waterfall, or take a walk along the river. Regardless - take time to just stand still and take in the spectacle of nature.

How do I find the Danish case?

The Danska fall nature reserve is located just east of Halmstad, at Simlångsdalen. It's an easy trail to walk and it's easy to get to the falls with a stroller.


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