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The best travel blogs of 2020 - if the travel bloggers themselves get to decide

2021 started with an incredibly nice surprise for my little blog in the "Best Travel Blogs of 2020" poll!

The year in travel 2020

The travel year 2020. The year that turned out to be something other than any of us could have ever imagined. The year that for me started in Vilnius and ended with covid-19.

10 things I never thought I'd miss about traveling

During the covid years, I missed traveling so it hurt. It went so far that I even miss the thing that annoys me when I travel. Here are 10 things I never thought I'd miss about traveling — but almost longed for.

Autumn break on Österlen - Skåne

One more last minute Österlen? Yes, it was actually a lovely (but unplanned) autumn holiday in Sweden's Provence!

10 things I'm surprised by after our holiday

I haven't been on a holiday in Sweden since I was a child. So what was it really like to spend the holidays in Sweden during covid? Here are 10 things that surprised me!

The world opens again – but do I want to travel now?

After four months of turmoil and change, the world is starting to open up again. But how do I really feel about traveling today? Have I started booking trips now?

A broken camera and a happy Easter

It was a different Easter this year, with a broken camera, a lot of Facetime and a large amount of seafood.

5 board games for you who like travel

Craving for games? Here are tips on five board games that will take you to five different countries!

When everything is to be cancelled

What happens when a trip has to be canceled due to the corona crisis? We have now (largely) canceled our entire Greece trip. It turned out to be both simple and very complicated...

Trips I do NOT dream of

Believe it or not, as much as I love to travel, there are places and trips that I do NOT dream about. Here is my list with a twinkle in my eye and maybe a little spice too :)

Traveling in corona times - thoughts the day after returning from Malta

This weekend we came home from a lovely trip to Malta. But what was it really like to travel and fly during the week when everything revolved around the spread of the coronavirus?

Merry Christmas with the year in travel 2019

2019 is almost over and it's time to summarize the travel year! Where have I been this year?

5 unique hotels with that little something extra

There are unique accommodations that leave a little more of an impression on the memory than others. Here are my five favourites: From castle to hut. From monastery to train carriage.

This year's Swedish travel profile 2019!

Some years Santa arrives a little earlier than others. I am both blushing and bowing with pride. This year has Rucksack (and I) have been named one of Sweden's top ten Swedish travel profiles!

Slovenia - What was the best, worst and what should we have thought about?

Yesterday we came home from Slovenia, after a lovely autumn week filled with turquoise lakes, mountains, caves, vineyards and pastel-coloured palaces. What did we think of Slovenia? Here are our quick thoughts!

Dream destinations (and plans) for next year

Planned trips, longing for new places and longing for old favourites. It's almost a new year and I've already booked two trips. But where will the dream trip go? Time to dream away!

Pisa - Or a post about overtourism and travel disappointment - Italy

Traveling should be exciting, inspiring and provide lifelong memories, but what if your destination instead turns into a disgusting soup of over-tourism and all you want to do is leave? That's what happened to me in Pisa.

Summer summary - long trips, shorter trips and visitor records

It's always a bit sad to sum up a summer, but now I'm getting ready! Here is a summary of long trips, short trips, competitions and statistics!

Back home from an adventure in Western Australia (and Bali)!

After almost a month on the road, we are now back home! This year's adventure was a road trip among national parks and nature in Western Australia, which ended with lazy days in Bali. So what was the best, worst and how was the weather? And most importantly - did I find a new mug?

Sweden's "Big Things" - Where are they?

There are lots of weird big statues in Sweden, but how do you find them? Here I have started to create a list - help fill it in!

Planning is underway - we are going on an adventure to Australia!

At the moment there is feverish planning going on at home - we are going on a camping holiday to the national parks of Western Australia!

Travel planning in progress: Five destinations that attract a little extra right now

This time of year is my big travel planner period. Here are the five travel destinations that are currently gnawing a little in my brain stem and that make my "book-travel-nerve" twitch a little extra!

The dream of Italy - plan a trip!

The day plans for our road trip in Italy are finally starting to take shape! So what do our plans look like? Where are we going?

Waldemarsudde, an unexpected hug and some lost French tourists - Stockholm

A Saturday walk at Waldemarsudde, an unexpected hug and some lost French tourists.

Test: 9 types of travelers - which one are you?

I came across a funny picture the other day that showed 9 types of travelers. So I did a little research on my own. What kind of traveler am I really?

The Christmas that was almost cancelled

This year our plans for Christmas were a cozy Norrland weekend with the whole family. I had no idea that at 5 in the morning I would be thinking about canceling Christmas...

Get to know the whole family Rucksack!

Rucksack is written by me, Eva, but we are a family with three strong wills who must agree on our travels. So where does our dream trip go? Which was the best hotel? And where do we not want to go again? Here are the answers from all three of us!

Travel memories in the Christmas tree

During recent years' Christmas trips, I have started collecting Christmas tree decorations. Here are my five most kitschy favourites!

2018 – the year spent in travel

The year is not over yet, but still I am sitting here writing an annual summary of my travels in 2018. A year with both ups and downs.

I admit. I collect souvenirs.

Do you collect souvenirs? I do! But I don't collect just anything, I collect mugs.

Back home from Krakow – Reflections from my first visit to Poland!

Just returned from my first visit to Poland! What were my impressions? And what did the family think?

The art of relaxing on your holiday - 7 tips for a stress-free holiday

Some people can turn off all job stress as if they had an off switch. Others need to make an effort to get down in laps. I belong to the latter category. I have simply had to learn how to have a real vacation.

A healing autumn day on Österlen

We are going to Österlen and absorbs energy. To think about something other than yesterday's sad farewell. Life goes on for those of us who are left. Nothing stops, even if it feels like it sometimes.

Spring hiking trip booked! We are going to…

The spring ski trip turned into something else. It was a hiking trip instead, to an island that I have long wanted to go to!

Friday cozy at Arlanda with closed lounges.

When going on a weekend trip, you need to travel by plane on Friday night. But Arlanda doesn't seem to have understood that, because all services closed right in front of us.

I came second in the RES photo competition!

Sometimes skill wins. Sometimes you win by luck. This time I can probably proudly say that it was something of an in-between. I came second in a photo contest!

An expected, but sad, trip to Malmö

The question often comes up in various travel forums. "Why do you travel?". The answers not too often revolve around "sun and heat". It's easy to forget that sometimes you don't travel for the sake of traveling, but because something has happened to loved ones.

Our Sunday among Sörmland's farms - Aptitrundan 2018

Every autumn we go on the Aptitrundan to buy locally produced treats. However, this year's round offered both goodies and some difficult insights.

Some new hiking inspiration and a visit to Tyresta

Today's book tip for everyone who loves day hikes around Stockholm and a little report from shrimp salad and tordyvlar in Tyresta National Park.

Sushi Oi – Today's Japanese Stockholm tip

We have discovered a shining star in the restaurant sky in Stockholm - the tiny Japanese restaurant Sushi Oi!

-"But mom - that's not Mumbai, that's Dubai!"

I don't know how many times I have had to answer the question: "Doesn't it feel unnecessary to go to <"any place"> with the daughter now, isn't it better to wait until she can remember the trip?" After Saturday's movie night, I've actually changed my answer.

A completely unusual day

I was mentally prepared for something new to happen today. Changing positions at work is always a little nerve-wracking, even if it's the same employer. So everything was as expectedly new-old as I had expected. Approximately until 12:08.

Note to self – next trip I'll write a packing list!

Have you opened your bag and realized you forgot to pack something you can't live without? Here's the story of my latest packing crisis and why I'll never be careless with my packing list again!

Book, cancel and reconsider?

Have you ever scratched the surface of your vacation plans and realized they don't work? Booked, canceled and changed your mind? That's exactly what I did today.

A Stockholm evening + a Letto

Some summer thoughts from a new Letto owner who has hung out in wine bars in Stockholm in 32-degree heat and realized that I write far too little about Stockholm!

Home again from Vietnam, Singapore and Dubai!

Here I am standing on the balcony with my dirty laundry and summing up the experiences of the last few weeks in Asia. What was the biggest surprise? What should I have thought of? And what place made my stress run off like chocolate in the sunshine?

I won the travel category in the "Inspired by Refunder" competition!

I have won an influencer contest and will now blog even more about travel! How fun isn't that?!?

Why do we care about the weather at home when we are abroad?

We Swedes must be the most weather dependent people in the world. Even when we're lying on the beach in Greece with the sun shining, we can't help but sneak a peek at the weather app. But why do we also keep track of the weather at home???

10 travel questions about me

Now that you know all about how to plan the ultimate road trip and where in Queensland to find the best seafood, you might be wondering who I really am? What type of traveler am I? Here are 10 quick questions about me!

Recipe: Palak Paneer – the Indian dish I never ate in India

A dish that I hoped to eat every time I was in India, is Palak Paneer. I don't know if I've been in the wrong parts of India, but the dish has been conspicuous by its absence.

When summer came in May

I'm sitting here on the balcony summarizing the past weekend and looking at the weather forecast for the next 10 days. Could it really be true? The Mediterranean heat looks set to stay for at least 10 more days. Our apple tree has blossomed today, little sweet pink bunches of fragrance.

Easter in otherworldly beautiful Iceland

Everything you need to think about when you go to Iceland during Easter.

This thing about getting sick on vacation

February. February A month filled with nasty coughing people in public transport and perpetually snoring children. You've probably already guessed it. My sports leave was not as active as I had hoped. I have spent a skiing holiday in Switzerland under a blanket in a hotel room.

Is it worth going away on a weekend trip?

The holiday days are coming to an end and so is the energy in...

Are you really going away over Christmas?

Are you planning for a Christmas abroad, but wondering what the relatives will say?

Christmas gift tips for those who like to travel

No idea what to buy for Christmas for your travel-loving relative? Relax, here are five Christmas gifts every traveler should want.

Travel thoughts for 2018

Which destinations feel fresh for 2018? 2017 is not over yet, but already now the thoughts are starting to fly around in the head about what adventures and destinations will attract next year. On my list for 2018 there are both new upstarts and actually some old favorites as well.

5 most beautiful cities for a weekend trip during autumn

Autumn is a perfect time to go on a weekend trip. Here are tips on five wonderful destinations with short travel time and lots of coziness.

5 coolest adventures in caves and lava tunnels

Join us on wonderfully dark adventures deep in caves and lava tunnels that the whole family loved!

5 unique hotels – which are destinations in themselves

Sometimes the accommodation is as much a destination as the destination itself. Here you will find five unique hotels that are worth a detour!

The year spent in travel 2016

What a wonderful travel year 2016 has been! Sometimes it's good to stop for a while and reflect on everything you've been through and enjoy a little afterwards.

Swedish travel blogs

Looking for other nice travel blogs? Sweden's largest portal for Swedish...

Recipe: American Pancakes

There's no better breakfast than a big load of American pancakes, slathered with butter and drenched in maple syrup, and you're fueled for a day of exploring.

Europe's 5 most romantic cities

Are you looking for a long weekend in the sign of love? Don't just look at Rome and Paris - Europe has many romantic cities!

World's Best Whale Watching - My Top 4 Spots

Where is the world's best whale watching? Here are my top 4 places around the world.

Tips for your trip to New Zealand

Just got home from a road trip on New Zealand's South Island, thought...

Recipe: Gyoza

This is our favorite Gyoza recipe, don't forget the dip - that's half the fun!