South Island

New Zealand's South Island is the wild island. Here it is far between the villages, poor internet and difficult to find good accommodation. But what does that do when nature is as magnificent as it is!


New Zealand

New Zealand - The South Island's coolest sights and nature

New Zealand's South Island is a perfect mix of the world's most beautiful nature and attractions gathered on a single small island. Here are my top ten nature experiences from our road trip around the island - both on land and at sea.


The world's best whale watching - here are the whales!

One of the best things we know when we travel is to have the opportunity to meet wild animals and especially we love to see whales! Humpback whales, sperm whales, beluga whales, killer whales, herring whales, dolphins - now only blue whales are left to see on our list! To see whales, you need both the right season, the right weather and a great deal of luck. Here are our 4 favorite places to meet the giants of the sea.


New Zealand - Lift or Diss?

Having just returned from a road trip on New Zealand's South Island, I thought I'd sum up my thoughts in a classic hi-diss list. Is there really anything to do in New Zealand you might be thinking?